The mystery of Tamaki Suoh

October 2, 2006

tamaki1.jpg Hey, guys. You’re probably wondering what in the world happened to me! No, I didn’t stop blogging for a while because I was peeved off with the whole yaoi issue. (I had a very bad day, no, week, when I wrote that post.) It’s more like real life run me over and flattened me over for a while. Work, work, work, and more work … blah. But anyway, enough of me whinging about work – let’s talk about Ouran High School Host Club’s Tamaki Suoh, shall we?

Ah, the show has finally ended. I just cannot believe that it’s over so fast. Please, ye gods of anime – let there be a second season!

The main reason why I was pulled into Ouran High School Host Club was mainly because of Tamaki Suoh. At first, I was entranced by his seiyuu’s talent, the same guy who voiced Kiba in Wolf’s Rain –  Mamoru Miyano.

But then, as I watched it more, I began to really like Tamaki, especially when his angsty past is revealed. How he dealt with his grandmother’s snub at the school festival is admirable to a fault (I read the manga’s version, though I kinda like the anime’s version). And to echo what Kyouya said in the anime: “It’s good that Tamaki is the way he is.”

Is Tamaki really as dumb as he behaves? (Okay, maybe we shouldn’t answer that.) Yes, he may be a dumb blonde (apologies to all blondes around the world) but one cannot deny that he shows surprising insight into people. In fact, almost genius level, actually.

It’s obvious that Tamaki is the glue that holds the club together. And it’s also obvious that everyone – barring Haruhi, perhaps (she mostly tolerates him!) – loves Tamaki. And why not? Tamaki not only accepted them for who they are, no matter how mean they are (the Twins) or how manipulative (Kyouya), he also gave them an insight to their own characters that forced them to change.

Tamaki has this uncanny ability to see through the mask Kyouya,the Twins and Honey put up. I still remember Kyouya getting shocked (darn, we don’t see him shocked often enough) when Tamaki saw through the mask of politeness he had to reveal the unhappy guy beneath. Tamaki also helped Kyouya out of his rut (his resignation that as the youngest son, he can’t succeed his dad’s company) by telling him the obvious: You’re giving up. Don’t give up.

No wonder the guys love him; Tamaki accepted them despite seeing what they really were.

So at times like that (especially with that scene with Kyouya when he told the guy pointedly that he has already given up before even trying) you do wonder whether Tamaki is putting up a mask of his own, this whole dumb ass act.

Though, apparently, after reading the manga it seems that he really does believe that he’s Haruhi’s father.

Dumb, or not dumb?

Hmm, Tamaki, a mass of contradictions …

Spring anime that passed the test

June 8, 2006

"My" test that is. Earlier, I made a little prediction on what anime I'd dig and those that I am so-so about. Curiously, one of those that I'm so-so about became one my favourites. Here is my list of favourite anime from Spring 2006. And the no.1 winner is:


1. Ouran High School Host Club

For being the anime that consistently makes me laugh each time I watch it. This show has been such a delight – the quality of the animation is superb, and I so love the work by Tamaki's seiyuu, Mamoru Miyano. Without him, I don't think I'd like the show much! And a big thumbs up for each time Haruhi mutters, "Those rich bastards." Another big plus point – it's fansubbed really quickly.

It's not difficult to see why Ouran has won the hearts of many. Haruhi is such a cool, unflappable heroine while Tamaki is such … a ditz. And we love Tamaki as the ditz .. 😉 Though, since I read the manga as well, he will reveal a suprisingly angsty side to his personality. Can't wait to see Haruhi's reaction to all that!

Yes I am a Haruhi x Tamaki shipper.

2. Saiunkoku Monogatari

Now, why isn't this no.1? Minus points because it's subbed really slowly. Sniff. But the bishies and the intriguing and rather romantic dynamics between Ryuuki and Shuurei and the complicated plot (believe me, things will really get complicated with SPOILER!! this old guy who is actually a young guy but not really a guy but …. you'll see).

3. Tokko

A lot of people said it sucked, but I kinda like it. I have read the manga … and I don't really mind the fillers, really. I'm kinda sad that it's going to end at 13 episodes, however. Maybe I just like shows where there are dudes and dudettes in leather jackets slicing open zombies.

4. Black Lagoon

I love the whole "salaryman becomes pirate" deal. The animation is superb, and viewing it each week has become a sort of guilty pleasure. 😉 It's like watching A-Team, anime style. Or something like that. And Revi kicks ass.

I wish there's a no.5, but I haven't had time to watch much anime. 😛 Utawaremono and Jyu Oh Sei I'm downloading, but I've not really watched yet. I don't like the whole harem thing going on with Utawaremono (I think that's how it's spelt) – call me uptight, but I dislike harem shows with a vengence. Jyu Oh Sei I want to watch when the entire series is done. It's a kind of show that you have to watch in one sitting on account for the major angst. I hate to be left hanging after a harrowing ending for one episode. And man, why do I smell a tragic ending for this one? No, don't tell me if you know the ending. 😉
Shows that I'd rather not touch. At all: Nana. But why???! Okay, I don't know, but shojo has always irked me. 😉 I don't have much patience with the whole "Does he love me? But I'm not sure I love him but maybe he loves her" deal. I'm the type of person who'd shove the undecided guy and girl together, push them in a room, lock the door and throw away the key and yell: "Okay, have sex now!"

I like the art and animation, but if I were to watch it I'd rather watch it with the entire show already in a box set so I won't be driven mad by the weekly pussyfooting by the characters and then the long wait before we see the resolution of it.

Kiba (Wolf’s Rain) = Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)

May 23, 2006


Kiba (right) wonders when he can have Tamaki for dinner.

My best friend and I usually make it a point to find out the seiyuu behind the anime characters. We’re just almost always left in awe by the talent and versatility of the voice actors.

When we first saw Ouran High School Host Club, we checked out who played Tamaki and nearly fell over when we realised that it was Mamoru Miyano and he voiced Kiba in Wolf’s Rain!

You see, Kiba = angsty, moody bishie (well, he’s actually a wolf, but who cares?)

And Tamaki? He’s the total opposite. Vain, silly, ditzy, flake – insert other adjectives if you like, but he’s certainly not moody or angsty! If Kiba met Tamaki in real life, he’d eat Tamaki for dinner just to shut him up!

I just enjoy how Miyano voice Tamaki. It’s just perfect – there are moments when Kiba does sneak through; those rare moments when Tamaki is either angry or serious (like 0.001% of the time) and it just sends chills of nostalgia down my spine.

Ignore me, I’m just being fangirlish. 😛

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1

April 11, 2006


Summary: While looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club where a group of bishonen of different flavours “entertain” girls. No, there’s nothing hentai-ish about the whole setup. Just think about them as great hosts.

Well, Haruhi unfortunately breaks a priceless vase, and in the end has to work it off by being the host club’s “dog”. But when the Host Club King – Tamaki – discovers that Haruhi has pretty eyes, he recruits Haruhi as a host. If you want a detailed summary of the episode, Memento, as usual, has a great sypnopsis. (I don’t detailed sypnosis since these folks do it so well.)
Thoughts: (Spoilers, btw!) My friend and I sat down to watch it on my laptop with neutral expectations. I heard that it was good … but I wasn’t prepared for it being this good. It was a laugh-a-riot thanks to its unique humourous style.

I knew rightaway what the lightbulbs represent, though my friend theorised that it meant that Haruhi had “won” over a person. Nopers!

Note that I deliberately kept Haruhi’s gender a secret. Yeah, I know a lot of people know who Haruhi really is, but it would’ve been such a great watch if they didn’t know.

Tamaki’s reaction to Haruhi being a girl was hilarious. Man, I lurve Tamaki. He’s such a ditz. My favourite scene was Tamaki’s soliloquy and how Haruhi completely ignored his wise “tips” and instead was too busy trying figure out what to call people like Tamaki! And Tamaki’s reaction when Haruhi finally figured the word (it’s obnoxious) was priceless!

I was a bit brr with the boy-twins-love bit. Like Haruhi, I totally do not get what’s so attractive about a pair of bishie twins showing unbrotherly attention to each other. Kinda makes my skin crawl. ;P I know, you say tomahto I say tomato; just don’t hate me for liking my love affairs differently.

So, it’s obvious that Tamaki and Haruhi is a potential couple. When I asked my friend what she thinks about them as a couple, she burst out laughing. Yes, Tamaki is going to drive Haruhi absolutely mad and I’m sure she’ll do the same for him. Ah … love.

So, is Ouran worth the download? You betcha!! If you’re not convinced with my post you can read these glowing reviews: Yummy Sushi Pajamas, BasuBaguBakuhatsu Anime Blog, Cinammon Ass and more at blog suki.