New opening song for Bleach!

April 6, 2006


It doesn't look like Bleach is going to go into the Hollow arc anytime soon. And since they premiered this new OP without any Hollow arc hints … it may be along while yet. (Moans) Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the Bount arc, but this new opening sequence seems to hint that the Shinigami Captains will be involved! (fangirl scream) And they'll be wearing gigais which means they could be wearing normal Earth clothes! (fangirl scream) If this is going to happen, I don't mind the Bount, haha!!

And did you see Uruhara or what? (first row, right pic) Damn sexy man … I wonder what Bakuya will wear. 😀

The new opening and ending song didn't do much for me though. I was just too distracted by how they mangled the English words. I prefer the one before this – very punchy and cool. This one … don't knowlah … don't feel for it. At least not right now.
Ishida is so the damsel in distress in this arc. I don't mind heheh. I mean, we always get girls who need rescuing, so it's nice to get guys in that role instead. But poor bloke … it's so hard for him to be helpless. sniff.

Anyway, I have not even watched Bleach 72 yet, let alone this episode (75-76). Sadly, I don't feel any desire to watch it immediately like last time. (Ah, the good ol' Soul Society arc days.) But from what little I can see as I checked the vid, the animation is kinda much better. And there's a new Bount villain who was a … (spoiler!!) former shinigami? Hmmmmmmmm