The mystery of Tamaki Suoh

October 2, 2006

tamaki1.jpg Hey, guys. You’re probably wondering what in the world happened to me! No, I didn’t stop blogging for a while because I was peeved off with the whole yaoi issue. (I had a very bad day, no, week, when I wrote that post.) It’s more like real life run me over and flattened me over for a while. Work, work, work, and more work … blah. But anyway, enough of me whinging about work – let’s talk about Ouran High School Host Club’s Tamaki Suoh, shall we?

Ah, the show has finally ended. I just cannot believe that it’s over so fast. Please, ye gods of anime – let there be a second season!

The main reason why I was pulled into Ouran High School Host Club was mainly because of Tamaki Suoh. At first, I was entranced by his seiyuu’s talent, the same guy who voiced Kiba in Wolf’s Rain –  Mamoru Miyano.

But then, as I watched it more, I began to really like Tamaki, especially when his angsty past is revealed. How he dealt with his grandmother’s snub at the school festival is admirable to a fault (I read the manga’s version, though I kinda like the anime’s version). And to echo what Kyouya said in the anime: “It’s good that Tamaki is the way he is.”

Is Tamaki really as dumb as he behaves? (Okay, maybe we shouldn’t answer that.) Yes, he may be a dumb blonde (apologies to all blondes around the world) but one cannot deny that he shows surprising insight into people. In fact, almost genius level, actually.

It’s obvious that Tamaki is the glue that holds the club together. And it’s also obvious that everyone – barring Haruhi, perhaps (she mostly tolerates him!) – loves Tamaki. And why not? Tamaki not only accepted them for who they are, no matter how mean they are (the Twins) or how manipulative (Kyouya), he also gave them an insight to their own characters that forced them to change.

Tamaki has this uncanny ability to see through the mask Kyouya,the Twins and Honey put up. I still remember Kyouya getting shocked (darn, we don’t see him shocked often enough) when Tamaki saw through the mask of politeness he had to reveal the unhappy guy beneath. Tamaki also helped Kyouya out of his rut (his resignation that as the youngest son, he can’t succeed his dad’s company) by telling him the obvious: You’re giving up. Don’t give up.

No wonder the guys love him; Tamaki accepted them despite seeing what they really were.

So at times like that (especially with that scene with Kyouya when he told the guy pointedly that he has already given up before even trying) you do wonder whether Tamaki is putting up a mask of his own, this whole dumb ass act.

Though, apparently, after reading the manga it seems that he really does believe that he’s Haruhi’s father.

Dumb, or not dumb?

Hmm, Tamaki, a mass of contradictions …