Honey and Clover: I get it now

So I’m back after watching about more than half of Honey & Clover. I get it now why people love it.

My reasons are simple:

Gorgeous watercolour-like art.

Manly nurse from hell!
Morita senpai!!!


Yamada and Mayama. Give it up, girl. He’s a lost cause.

To be honest, when I started Honey & Clover, I really braced myself for a Windy Tales experience. That anime was my introduction to “slice of life” stuff, and thanks to it, I’ve come to equate slice of life with “boring”.

But Honey & Clover is … different. In fact, I think that’s the charm of the anime. It’s not about some super-powered girl with a big destiny to save/destroy the world. It’s not about people flying or bouncing off the walls to evade some mutant monster. It’s about life, it’s about living, it’s about people who are trying to make sense of their lives.

I wasn’t so sure about the whole Yuki X Yamada X Mayama. Man, I’m really leery of romantic triangles and quadrangles, but Honey & Clover doesn’t drag out the angst. I really salute Yamada for being so strong, though I want to shake her and tell her to look elsewhere – like Morita! Tee hee! – because Mayama is so with Yuki. (Their relationship has a better chance than hers with Mayama, poor thing.)
And thank goodness the whole anime is not about romantic entanglements (or not I will surely die). There’s Takemoto who’s trying to figure out his calling in life and what’s he’s here on planet Earth for.

And then there’s Morita, who defies categorisation or explanation. Morita just is. Mochademy Awards, anyone?? I laughed out loud at almost all his scenes (though the one with the manly nurse left me giggling insanely). Though I was quite blown away by his serious side too. Darn, I do wish he was a spy, but I don’t think he is one. And when he graduated only to return for more “education”?? LOL.

Not sure about Hagu-chan, really. Seriously, I know she’s supposed to be this cute darling, but drawing her to look like a five-year-old is a wee bit much, don’t you think? And to have Takemoto and Morita interested in her, no matter what they say about her age, it’s just a wee disturbing to see played out on screen. 😛

So, do I love Honey & Clover? Yup. 😉 But to be honest, I don’t think it’s the work of genius everyone says it is. It’s different, yes, but I don’t know, it didn’t grab me 110% and leave me stunned … not like how Fullmetal Alchemist did for me. I mean, when I watched FMA, I replayed the scenes in my head over and over again … for example, what Shou Tucker did, the war in Ishbal, Roy Mustang pulling a gun on himself … those scenes just burnt themselves in my head thanks to their raw emotion and power.

But perhaps Honey & Clover is just different on another level and shouldn’t be compared to an action/drama/adventure vehicle like FMA. But whatever it is, Honey is definitely good, and you bet I’m going to watch the second season!

(Especially when there are hints they’re going to explore Morita more!)

13 Responses to Honey and Clover: I get it now

  1. cuteproxy says:

    Yes!! Another convert. =p

  2. Seth says:

    Be sure you watch Chapter L. Some of the funniest twenty minutes of anime ever, right there.

  3. hopeless says:

    Welcome to the fandom! When I first watched H&C’s opening episodes, I had no idea I would become such a huge fan, but after about three or four installments I’d fallen in love with the cast and the story.

  4. Atazure says:

    Glad you like it!

    Now, since it DOES seem we’ve got similar taste in anime, can you please tell me: Did you fall in love with FMA’s anime at the first sight? Or maybe a little bit later on in the series?

    I’m curious, because i’ve seen up to six episodes and when i saw Al make that huge flower thing on the alchemist exam i just bailed out and retreated for cover as quickly as possible (i’m really bad with cheesy, moments like that, REALLY bad).

  5. punkednoodle says:

    Glad to see ou had fun with it. Season 2 is already running in Japan. God. More heartbreak.

  6. Currybreadman says:

    YES, MORITA SAN! Hahahaha

    I enjoy how you write your entries, they’re very thought provoking and actually make a point. When i watched the first episode, i also was skeptical but the pastel animation and interesting story inevitably drew me in, along with morita’s secret job aha

  7. Currybreadman says:

    YES, MORITA SAN! Hahahaha

    I enjoy how you write your entries, they’re very thought provoking and actually make a point. When i watched the first episode, i also was skeptical but the pastel animation and interesting story inevitably drew me in, along with morita’s secret job aha and season 2 subbed already.

  8. Tasuki says:

    FMA ROCKS!!!!

    I only watched Honey and Clover once while in Japan.
    I didnt know what Honey and Clover looks like, but as I watched it I somehow knew it. Weird.
    I somehow compared it to Fruits Basket. Though I am not familiar with the story of Honey and Clover.

    But ONE thing I really like about it is the soundtrack. Especially Nakayoshi by Spitz. Really nice song. Also loved the FMA soundtrack (almost all episode songs and “Brothers”, the main theme).

  9. Nabi says:

    I just cannot hate this anime, not that I want to. But you really don’t know who to root for, in one instant you have two great guys in love with hagu-chan, and they both deserve her. Then you have yamada’s hopeless unrequited love for mayama and you think he will wake-up and realizes she complete’s him, and then you want her to find someone new; but you don’t hate him. It’s darn right confusing, but addicting…IT’S WORST THAT CRACK!!

    I’m currently on the second season, and I know it’s going to just get messier; but wonderfully enjoyable.

  10. heppy says:

    i LOVE this anime.. it’d be my top fave anime.. hmmm.. if not for fma.. yes.. fma too.. hahas..

    hnc is special.. special in a way that it actually speaks about real life.. n the relationships built betweens these characters.. sometimes it’s like seeing our own lives being played out.. well cant really describe my feelings for this anime.. just…. special……….

    oh ya.. morita sempai is

  11. ItchyMicchi says:

    hi, i found your blog on a random search (nothing hentai, promise!). personally, i’m pro-YamadaxNomiya, but only because it pisses off Mayama 😀

    (i’m only on the first season on animax, okay, and i wish Takemoto would just spit IT out plskthxbai)

  12. kate says:

    there is really something about honey and clover that touches the entire me… i really love this anime…
    and m\orita too..

  13. hi hi says:

    YAY! I’ve been reading the manga, I LOVE the manga!! It isn’t slow at all, I’ll be sure to watch the anime and take things in stride for that.

    BTW, I found your site when I google searched “Morita-senpai” ^_^~!!!!

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