Honey and Clover: Why not?

honey-clover.jpgOkay, I give up. I’ll follow Honey & Clover. Because everyone it, so there must be a damn good reason to watch it. 

I watched episode 1 a while back, and it left me bewildered. OK, there’s this bunch of art students. They live in this crappy hostel. And then there’s Morita-senpai, where everyone is apparently afraid/amazed/awed by. He comes and goes, and disappears for days. When he returns, he has a bucket load of money.

My sis theorises that he’s a secret agent. I kinda like the idea. But apparently Honey & Clover is not that kind of show. In fact, I’m really not sure what kind of anime it is. Some has called it “slice of life”. Thing is, I’ve not really fared well with slice of life anime. Ok, so I only watched one slice of life anime, which is Windy Tales. And boy did that bore me to tears.

So, why am I watching? Not just because it has the “oh gosh it’s so popular” factor but because of Morita-senpai. That weird guy is adorable. And I want to know if he’s a secret agent. 😀

11 Responses to Honey and Clover: Why not?

  1. Hinano says:

    I watched up to ep 13 and gave up on it
    I don’t really understand the hype/popularity and even when I tried to watch season 2, after 5 minutes i scrolled through the ep & tossed it.
    It’s really not everyone’s cup of tea so don’t force yourself to watch it if you feel that “theres nothing interesting” about it. (The morita thing gets old fast)

  2. punkednoodle says:

    There are two ways that you can look at this series.

    1.) It’s slow and dragging for a series. No excitement whatsoever. Everything is in gaussian blur. ERGH! Maybe Morita is kewl but NAH! Whatever! And Mayama suxxorz! May he rot in fandom! (not entirely… I’m a little exagerrated here)

    2.) It’s a one of a kind shoujo title not meant for pubescent manic shoujo fans but for mature people who too are on the process of stepping into adulthood, with dashes of reality in it.

    Strangely, in my HC experience, I feel those two things at the same time. The pace of the manga is better than the anime as the anime DRAGS the HC issues for 30 minutes, wherein in a manga, you’re done with the same thing in… 10 minutes? So yes, if you can’t bear with the pace and the monologues, don’t bother with it and watch something more fun! Like Ouran, or NHK.

    However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as the story is not your usual shoujo title wherein you have two guys running after this girl. It may use the same formula, yet it presents to you the story in something realistic and close to what WE humans, steeped in reality, do. Love is heartbreaking, at the same time, it’s nurturing. This has nothing too dramatic like *coughNANAcough* Just the short love vignettes that, in my case is still tasteful.

    As Hinano suggested, this is to your discretion.

  3. Yes, as the above stated.. if the episodes were shorter I probably could have made it through season 1.. but as it was, I kept finding myself looking at my watch, wondering when I could move onto something else

    But I’m not much for slice of life either, unless it’s more grounded in the comedy aspect

  4. Atazure says:

    I’m really looking forward to your impressions 🙂 I sometimes think that (god i hope this doesn’t make you run away screaming from HachiKuro) HachiKuro is a more awesome version of Nana, without all the heavy emo stuff. There’s drama but drama that i myself find very close to how it looks in life 😀 So yay! And after which i’m still left with a sort of sinking heart, but unlike nana, i’m capable of finding some warmth in that heaviness (GRRR am i being too obvious with my dislike of the heavy atmosphere in Nana or what? So not biased :B )

    Also i could talk about it a lot but i think that cinnamonass has pretty much grasped why it’s so popular and i agree with him 🙂 Lemme quote and cut out all the spoilers 😀

    “I think HachiKuro has been a big hit in Japan and here because it totally hits its target audience – i.e. people at college/university age, like myself and probably most of the other people watching it on fansub. The issues presented are those we can totally empathise with since they’re pretty much what we’re going through…” – taken from Cinnamon Ass’s review of the last episode of the first season 😀 (ep 24)

    And also i cut the most important part of it because it’s kind of a spoiler and kinda not…Uh..right.

    Ha and we do seem to have similar tastes, the first episode of HaciKuro totally threw me off and i decided not to watch it. It was just so bizzarre and i was really puzzled at what was going on, but for some weird reason i downloaded more later on and fell in love. Tasty. 🙂

  5. Atazure says:

    AGH MUST READ OTHER COMMENTS FIRST ~_~ Sorry for the doubled Nana opinion…

  6. sethjohnson says:

    Theoretically, I think the Hachikuro anime was targetted at a josei audience.

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