What’s so hot about Hot Gimmick?

hotgimmick.jpgI know Hot Gimmick is a really popular shoujo manga, but I, for the life me, do not understand why. I read the first two volumes and the best way to explain my reaction after completing them is this: Reading Hot Gimmick turned my stomach.

So, there’s this girl Hatsumi who becomes a slave to the resident jerk in the company housing she and that bastard guy lives in. The asshole guy, Ryoki, is the son of the most powerful honcho in the company housing complex, and when he stumbles upon Hatsumi buying a pregnancy test for her sis, decides to use that to blackmail her. Smart.

Not only is the guy abusive – he calls her bitch and slut even until the 11th freaking volume – he molests her at every given opportunity. He just wants to lose his virginity and Hatsumi is the convenient method for him to do so. He also ocassionally hits her, grabs her and shoves her.

And yet people want these two to get together. What’s wrong with this picture?

Hatsumi has the backbone of a jelly, no, a paramesium. She keeps returning to the guy no matter how nasty he is. Yes, he’s had a bad childhood. And this gives you an excuse to treat your girlfriend like a piece of dirt?

So, my friend who is really into Hot Gimmick says that it gets better after Vol.3. After feeling physically ill after reading Vol.2, I’m not that eager to continue, but I’ve always been a slave to knowing what happens next, so I took a peek at later volumes. Argh, the man is as big an asshole as he is in Vol.1 & 2! Only instead of doing all of the above, he also doesn’t want her to talk to her brother! Cos his jealous! Lovely! I so heart Ryoki!
The short story to the long tale is that I just don’t understand why people, especially girls, like Hot Gimmick. Ryoki is the most unappealing shojo “hero” ever. In fact, I think he’s plain evil. It made my eyes pop that most people want Hatsumi and Ryoki to be together rather than nice-guy Shindou, or even Azusa (who is okay except that he wanted to use her to get back at her dad. Ok, he’s a jerk too).

Another friend who was turned off by Hot Gimmick said that she put down the book for good after a “near gang rape incident”, which made me go, WTF?? I could’ve sworn that Ryoki wanted to trade his darling slave to his friend so that his pal can have his way with Hatsumi, but I flipped the pages too fast (for fear of throwing up on the pages) to really be sure if it happened or I was delirious.
Anyway, there’s this much-quoted article: She Was Asking for It. It talks about the “unsettling themes” in shoujo manga. Quite an interesting read.

“Hot Gimmick is kind of like watching your own life unfold.”

Hot Gimmick, for those who don’t know, centers on a teenage boy blackmailing a teenage girl into performing sexual activities with him. When he’s not assaulting her, he’s referring to her as his “slave,” verbally abusing her at every available opportunity, and even pushed her down the stairs when the two of them were kids.

He’s her main love interest. An older-but-popular Hot Gimmick website here featured a reader’s poll where a whopping 62% of votes were in favor of the lead heroine ending up with the creep.

Is anyone else bothered by this? The love story in Hot Gimmick may be a fictional one, but readers finding it desirable implies that a submission fantasy strikes a chord with a number of readers. A complete submission fantasy with an abusive boyfriend. Hot Gimmick is well out of the “hot bad boy” waters–the heroine desperately needs therapy, and the hero, for all his actions, deserves a restraining order if not jail time. Is this sort of escapist fantasy actually considered romantic by some?

Not me!

Maybe I’m just too much of a feminist to enjoy Hot Gimmick. I can never look at abuse of any kind – verbal and physical – as a sign of affection like Hatsumi and the legion of Hot Gimmick readers do. There are far too many women caught in abusive relationships out there and who justify their boyfriends slurs and punches as “love” for me to sigh and shiver in pleasure as Ryoki calls Hatsumi a slut. As readers defended Ryoki’s virtue – bleargh – I can’t help but think that perhaps my brain is wired differently than theirs.

Anyway, I’m pretty late into this discussion. As evidenced in the article link I provided above, there’s a long string of people commenting about it already (look at the bottom of the article for the links).

Ok, maybe those who love Hot Gimmick can explain the appeal to me. Anyone?

Update: I thought I should include this review by Tangerine Dreams who said:

Everyone who reads it is appalled by the gender politics, yet the writing is so good that you’re sucked in like a coke addict. You really want Hatsumi to mature enough to be able to assert herself. The problem is that the male abusers are portrayed far too sympathetically, and Hatsumi’s method of dealing with abuse (blame it on herself, and apologize for “causing” it), is never questioned.

While Comics Worth Reading recommends Hot Gimmick:

The aftermath of Ryoki slapping Hatsumi in public is on view in book eight. He takes out his fear that he’s the only one who cares on her violently and then blames her for his outburst.

OMG, I don’t want to read this volume!!!!

The reader can view this book as a modern-day Cinderella story where the challenge is more threatening than cleaning a fireplace, or as a dramatization of the dangers of date rape when dealing with an immature teenage golden boy drunk on his own power, or a soap opera with a twisted triangle of attraction. The tension between the various readings and the sympathetic treatment of the character of Hatsumi keeps the reader involved.

Again, why is this popular??

One thing I can agree with the reviewers – the mangaka’s storytelling powress is up there with the best. Despite me disliking it so intensely, I still want to know what happens next. I suppose in some perverse way, we’re like voyeurs of an abusive relationship …

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  1. Hinano says:

    Its the same reason why the Sakura x Sasuke pairing is popular in Naruto. The stupid girl crushing on the guy who doesn’t give a shit about her/(or in this case abuses her.)

    ALso this manga seems to reflect a very common woman role in Japan, being treated liek crap by her boyfriend/husband but staying quiet and taking it all in the hopes that “he will change for the better”.

    I think its a bunch of crap, I never knew what this manga was about but now that I do I definitely won’t be picking it up πŸ˜›

  2. Those who love it may disagree though. I am trying really hard to see their point of view, but I just can’t make myself like it. For me to enjoy my manga I must at least like the characters – well, it doesn’ t help a jot that I HATE the romantic male lead. πŸ˜‰

  3. Os says:

    Well, I’m a guy and I

  4. Os says:

    ah, darn. it got cut off. please delete that. what it said was: “Well, I’m a guy and I *heart* Hot Gimmick… ok, I lied. I was sitting in English Class when my friend passes me the manga and tells me that it’s good. Ok, nice cover, good so far… and that’s about the only praise I gave it. It was crap. But I guess it get’s some leeway because 1)it’s based on an H-game and 2)I’ve only read one volume. Point is, I dont see what’s so good about this series either.

  5. Great timing.. this saves me my initial impressions post on Hot Gimmick myself.. because while I’ve only read the first volume, I too found myself uncertain of continuing

    “I want to know what happens, but if this girl doesn’t show some signs of growing a set of balls soon, I know I’m going to be throwing things out the window”

    I mean, anyone can see the romantic setup, but there is no way this ridiculous dynamic continues for the long term… right? If this isn’t some epic coming-of-age female empowerment tale I would be so pissed.

    And by “epic” I mean that she gradually gets better, not just remains a flake for 20 volumes and then in the last one everyone realizes what a bunch of idiots they were acting. Because that would require more blind faith than I have to spare.

  6. jpmeyer says:

    While it doesn’t need to turn into some full on grrrl power feminist tract, I personally thought that if Hot Gimmick were about like how Hatsumi got sucked into this abusive relationship, how she can’t get out, how she can’t figure out why she doesn’t want to get out, or something like that, it might be pretty interesting. But as it is now, yeah, I just can’t figure out at all why something so misogynist could be so popular among female readers. The whole “falling in love with one’s rapist” is just one of those cultural ideas that we need to un-learn.

  7. Atazure says:

    I remember reading Hot Gimmick when it still wasn’t licensed, at the very beginning of the series. And of course reading the weekly summaries at Zahara-chan’s page (does anyone know what happened with her? I hope she just simply got bored with the page or moved on, not like, something happened to her :[ ).

    At the beginning i liked the story, or rather, like you mentioned, was interested in what happened to Hatsumi in the past and who were all this guys around her. It was pretty entertaining and had pretty art (aaah those bug ass huge starry eyes) .

    BUT. Later on, i got bored with the scenario. She loves him so he hits her, so she blames herself, so her brothers pities her, so Azusa wants to let his friends rape her, cause his mother was depressed, and then Ryuki’s abusive ass saves her, hits her again, she blames herself, her brother pities her and himself. AAAAAAAGHHHH!!!

    I think that it’s popular, because people don’t really think about it, like they’d think about reality? I don’t feel comfortable wondering why people like stuff like this, because i tend to dislike what the majority is crazy about (Sousei no Aquarion? Blood+? most of the smut manga that shoujomagic scanlates?). For me Hatsumi’s whiny ballness is simply annoying and after the 4th volume i couldn’t help but hope to just get into that world of theirs and shoot her :/ So there.

    In my opinion, the strongest point of the manga is it’s art and how all the guys that fall for Hatsumi are handsome and kinda unique and can pretty much fall in the category of “bad boys with problems that girls want to heal”(aside from her bro, obviously, he’s your goody two shoes, or IS HE? I can bet that later on he gets all pissed and just slaughters everyone with a chainsaw….pretty please? *_* ) Maybe people are interested not only in her evolving but in the guys too? I mean, Ryuki OBVIOUSLY needs therapy and is the hero misunderstood which became the villain. Or sth. People just should go and read some Basara or some Kyoko Hikawa stuff. GO people! GO!

  8. This is Jamila from Bento Physics πŸ˜€ I was just about to link to your fantastic blog before you beat me to the punch.

    At any rate, I agree on your take on Hot Gimmick. A friend of mine is an avid fan, and lends me the manga volumes once in a while. I don’t care much for the sick and emotionally-immature nature of most of the characters, but yes, the storytelling is fab. It’s sort of like watching a train wreck, I suppose. You know you shouldn’t be watching, but you simply can’t look away. Like a bad soap with too many characters. Or a V.C. Andrews novel.

    I could live without ever knowing what happens to the characters, so I’d never actually shell out the money for a volume. But I can’t exactly say “no” when someone offers it to me, gah.

    Honestly, it makes me think, “Thank god I can stand on my own two feet and not depend on sick, SICK men to ‘treat me well'”.

  9. Kitty says:

    Cool, reading these comments just made me relieved that there are some out there who share my view. πŸ˜› I thought, for a while, that I had gone insane or something and was transported to an alien planet in my sleep.

    Crayotic – I would love to see what you have to say in your post. πŸ˜‰ I hate to say this, but Hatsumi is pretty much still a flake with a backbone of a jelly at the second last volume. Well, there is one last vol left, so who knows, maybe by then she’d develop some kinda spine.

    jpmeyer – yeah, i so agree with you. Falling in love with your rapist .. ugh. (in this case, it’s molester. Grr)

    Atazure – You know, I cant imagine that after the whole near gang rape scene Hatsumi wants anything to do with the creep Azusa. UGH!!! I’m getting heeby jeebies just reading your description of he hits her, she says sorry … ugh ugh ugh

    Naughty Ninja – Wow, you linked me! πŸ˜€ You know it’s hard to find anime blog sites that do commentaries, so of course I liked you guys. πŸ˜› And you guys do great stuff! πŸ˜€ Back to Hot Gimmick, I too didn’t buy it but got it from my friend … yesterday, I had to give it back to her and say, “Sorry, but I can’t go on.” I’m reading her other shojo manga now – thank god without abusive boyfriends this time!!

  10. Atazure says:

    Actually from what i’ve read from the later volumes she DOES, she’s like all jesus-like “LET’S BE FRIENDS YOU POOR HANDSOME BOY WHO WAS LOST AND NOW IS FOUND”

    @_@…I think she’s just plain stupid OR has a very short attention span :B

  11. DrmChsr0 says:

    This just proves my point:

    Japan has no sense of both ethics and morals. Well, Western ethics and morals, anyway.

  12. […] Hating on Hot Gimmick, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. Great comments thread with this one. Speaking of HG, remember LJ poster Thomas Yan, who read volume 1 and asked if it was going to get any better? He got a couple of answers, and some suggestions for alternatives, in comments. Here’s Mely’s take: Hot Gimmick is the one I call “The Manga of Deep Feminist Shame.” It does not get better. Skip it. […]

  13. Dropping In says:

    This kind of relationship is pretty standard in fabio-on-the-cover style romance novels. In the books, the guy eventually feels guilty, grovels, and starts acting really sweet. I don’t see that happening in an on-going comics series.

    Some people have a kink for that, and some people love to hate on it. I’m not really pleased with it, but as long as it’s not the only type of romance on the market it doesn’t bother me to much.

  14. Kitty says:

    Which is why I don’t read those Fabio-on-the-cover style romance novels (shudder). Actually, it’s Fabio on the cover that put me off. Yeurgh. πŸ˜›

  15. Sam says:


    I agree with you about Ryoki.. He is crude, mean, and will someday end up abusing her when they are older when he gets pissed… Maybe that is just me though… I keep reading because I am a fan. I just hoped she would end up with Shinogu but I know that will not happen… But I mostly agree with you…

  16. Naru says:

    I never wanted Hatsumi to be with Ryoki. Actually, I never liked the main character of the story. And I believe that most people don’t. But then why do people keep reading? Hmm, I think it for the family mystery. For me it was anyway. I KNEW that somethin’ was going on with Shinogu from the start. and I guess it was my hope that Hatsumi would get a reality check eventually. But nope. She’s an idiot from start to finish. But that is her character, so even if Ryoki is an asshole that just needs get a protitute, Hatsumi will be with him because she feels safe with him. She LIKES to feel lower and protected by Ryoki.
    I had the same problem with Yuu Watase’s shoujo manga “Ayashi no Ceres”. The main character got on my last nerve, but I eventually stopped reading “Ayashi no Ceres” while I finished “Hot Gimmick”. For what reason I don’t really know. But probably because my favorite character that actually kept me reading the damn story got killed off.
    However in Hot Gimmick you can still skim through to find the cute relationship of Hatsumi’s not stupid sister, Akane and Hatsumi’s childhoodfriend. That was what kept me reading. I thought they had a cute relationship.

    • Rachel says:

      I like that you bring up the relationship of her sister. I feel that after reading at least four volumes thus far that this story is supposed to be about polar opposites if that makes sense. That in Hatsumi’s situation she is the submissive one as a female dealing with an abusive male, On the other flip side you have the story of her sister, Akane, start off as the more abusive partner towards Subaru
      On other notes. Man, I love Yuu Watase she’s my favorite author of all time. Ayashi No Ceres and Fushigi Yugi Suzaku and Seiryu stories will all have a special place in my heart especially Ceres. But I suggest more so her lesser known manga works, Alice 19th, Imadoki, and Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden are better works of hers plot and character wise.

  17. lec1889 says:

    I ended up reading the first seven volumes of this twice because of Akane’s relationship with the gundam boy and the writing. It wasn’t all smut and abuse. There was also humor and sweet moments.
    I fundamentally dislike Ryoki. He has more issues than I could ever hope to list, but it was funny how he tried to use logic to solve everything.
    Hatsumi didn’t have a very strong personality, but something about her blind optimism and wish to heal people was endearing. She still tried to help Asuza after the date rape attempt. That takes a person with a real forgiving heart.
    Her brother was a pretty good person, and I was rooting for him to make Hatsumi see sense. *sigh* I don’t know how many volumes I read after those, but the story seemed to be getting more and more dramatic, and I eventually gave up.
    Even though part of me wanted to read more, the main characters had too many issues. I prefer stories that I can relate too. It’s almost midnight, so this might sound a little confused, but what I am trying to say is that I wouldn’t call it a fundamentally bad book because it has redeeming qualities, but it’s good points got lost in the darker sexual, physcological, and abusive elements.

  18. […] Before I start, please dont be offended. I know I’m gonna lose brownie points anyways, but dont get on me for this. I wasn’t really planning on writing about this, but this got the idea train running. You CAN be offended by this, though. What’s with that dirt on the foot? What added effect does that give? […]

  19. […] Before I start, please dont be offended. I know I’m gonna lose brownie points anyways, but dont get on me for this. I wasn’t really planning on writing about this, but this got the idea train running. You CAN be offended by this, though. What’s with that dirt on the foot? What added effect does that give? […]

  20. andi says:

    the main character hatsumi pissed me off, but i guess everybody agrees. i like the pictures tho, ok the drawing of the guys mainly ;P since i wish to be able to draw manga some day, but that’s getting off the topic.
    HG is one of those mangas that you find that you just have to read on, for me anyway, simply because you’re as curious as a cat and want to know when the hell hatsumi gets her act together, when the f***ing a****** (he can be reformed, i like the pic of this guy, he’s cute, i have something with manga bispecticaled guys) and his mother (espeically this b****) get snubbed, where akane (she pissed me off as well somewhere along the lines) and subaru’s (he’s cute) relationship goes, what’s up with shinogu (he’s CUTE) and azusa (also a cutie) and all the family problems that just appears along the way.
    i’m only up to the 4th volume so i guess i’ve got a long way to go, sorry if i just repeated everything that everybody else had said and the language as well sorry, i guess i’m still reading it, i just wanted to write an opionion πŸ˜€
    one more thing, i like writing, and most of my stories are sad, about mainly about the bad stuff in life, i was looking for outside opionion, if you would like to read one (short story) give me a msg musicalkid12@hotmail.com

  21. Hot Gimmick Reader says:

    When you read the first volume you’re sucked in with “Oh what’s going to happen next?!”… and every volume after that makes you feel the same way. I like the story because I just can’t put it down… no matter how fucked up the characters are. 😦 Ryoki pisses me off. I hate him. I even went on a rant to my bf about him, and I want to slap Hatsumi for being so damn idiotic and going back to this abusive prick. And really, Akane? YEAH RIGHT. She’s 14! She’s not going to have a killer hot body at 14! And what’s with the “um..” every other caption? >:/ I guess the part that pisses me off the most is that NONE OF THE CHARACTERS CAN MAKE UP THEIR MIND… that and not a single last one of them seem to have any idea what love is.

  22. hot gimmick #1 fanatic says:

    Manga is pure entertainment…So why oh why do you people complain about something completely fictitious and yet you all hypocrits read hot gimmick AVIDELY???
    I’ll tell you why: you are all in it because it is entertaining,you all love to hate it and waste your time destroying it with your babbling criticism…Call it voyeurism,sick,love or hate…Whatever,you all are here because you’ve READ it and because you all LOVE it.Be honest with yourselves,now come on,it is the way Miki Aihara draws and conveys all these EMOTIONS in her ART.YES, it is PURE ART I have the guts to admit it,she is one of the finest story tellers out there,she has told an entertaining story and she is winning anyways either way wether you love it or hate it because you’ve ALL read it AND you are ALL TALKING about it…HOT GIMMICK is the best,it’s that simple…

  23. Hot gimmick fan says:

    I am a big hot gimmick fan, so I guess you can already say I don’t like this flame. Though, that’s not really the case. I was going to read it all the way through (with I did) to see the writer’s opinion, but I was instantly turned off to finish reading when I saw that they had only read the first 2 volumes and only FLIPPED thought the 3rd. I presonally don’t see how you can write this reveiw without know the whole story. It’s just like writing a book report without reading the last half of the book.

    I agree with ‘hot gimmick’s #1 fanatic’. You’ve all read it, weather a lot or a little, you’ve still read it. You don’t like it, we get it. You complaining isn’t going to stop people from liking it. Maybe it will turn some people away from it, but I find when someone complains about something I want to read it even more, so it probably isn’t helping your case.

    And it is just manga. It’s a story. It doesn’t mean people will go out and want to be gang raped or find an abusive boyfriend. It will probably give people more of an insite on it. And no. They characters can’t make up their minds. It’s like real life. You’re not just going to choose to break up someone’s family without having second thoughts. The characters have very human like personality’s if you think of it. Some people can’t express their feelings well, like Ryoki. Oh and Ryoki (if I remember correctly) never calls Hatsumi a slut. >.>

  24. Seraphina says:

    may i know where to get a free download of that manga?? I think it is an interesting story… and i want to get also the download link of the manga title, “The Tryant Falls In Love”…. Please… >___

  25. lynn says:

    In my personal opinion, I liked the Hot Gimmick manga. At the first book when i read it, i thought the whole how Hatsumi got into the mess with Ryoki and the pregnecy test was dumb. But as i read the later volumes of the series, i was guilty of becoming a little bit addicted to it. Yes, some of it i didn’t really get why they would put this or that into the story, but i’m one of those people where once i start reading a series, i have to know what happens next. And those who read the up until the 12th book (which came out like two days ago into stores didn’t it?) it got intense with Hatsumi, Ryoki and Shinogu’s (srry if i don’t spell the names right) triangle relashionship. but to tell you the truth, i’m getting frusterated at the whole Hatsumi being stupid and taking crap from Ryoki and crying constantly. And if you read the end of the 11th book, What the heck?! Ahg. it makes me made she just went back to Ryoki after
    “all that she did”. But it is an addicting book and i want to know what happens next.

  26. Gray Wynn says:

    At first when I read the manga my thoughts were close all of yours. I thought the manga was lame, a shame to women, Hatsumi needed to die already, and while Ryoki is hot, he’s a complete ass.

    But I kept reading, curiosity pulling me along, and eventually I came to really like it. But I take it with a grain of salt. IN THE MANGA it’s cute how Ryoki can’t express his feelings for Hatsumi the right way, and is so insecure. IN THE MANGA it’s cute that Shinogu is in love with his sister but it’s so forbidden and mysterious.

    However, IN REAL LIFE, I would probably have had Ryoki arrested, with a restraining order on his ass. And if my brother professed his love for me, I’d be a little freaked out.

    So when I read mangas I don’t hold them with the same morals as I would real life. It’s a story. Enjoy it.


  27. Gray Wynn says:

    The ending was horrible though. The writer absolutely ruined it to peices. 😦

  28. Kitty says:

    Hmm my sister is reading the ending. I wonder how she’ll take it …

  29. rori says:

    Thanks for the candid review; I completely agree with how you feel towards this manga! I read the entire story and felt cheated and empty because Hatsumi ended up with I felt wasn’t even an option in the first place. Throughout the whole series I felt that Ryoki was the “obstacle” Hatsumi needed to get through to get the good guy. He treats her like he owns her, for heaven’s sake! The ending made me go, “wait…what?”

    Sympathizers for Ryoki, I think, are viewing him too lightly. He is cute and he can act like he is nice…ACT LIKE. There is one scene where he knows to act really nice and say please and Hatsumi will say yes to anything — so he acts nice and says please and she says yes because she thinks it’s about something really important. No, it’s so he can get her into a hotel and HAVE SEX WITH HER. TRU LUV

    I’ve yet to see someone support this manga in a way that I can buy. 😦 Everything I’ve seen has been “it’s just a manga,” “it has pretty pictures” or “stop whining.” I am really curious as to why people love this incredibly offensive story!

  30. Kitty says:

    I don’t get it either … πŸ˜‰ I know some people say that it’s ‘just a manga’ or that ‘it’s addictive’, but I cannot get past Ryoki. Nuh-uh. I guess we just have different tastes.

  31. Sepia says:

    Wow…I heard people say that this series is good, but I never knew what the plot was about until I read this, and frankly I was really shocked. Is the series finished already? I’m curious about the ending…if I were Hatsumi either I’d be gone or he’d be dead…joking about the dead part haha.

    But perhaps the reason why people were not too disgusted by their abusive relationship is due to culture? I mean Japan is not as feminist a country as North America, and from an NA point of view that behaviour is totally unacceptable. Just a thought…

  32. Hot Gimmick fan says:

    Ok… So the ending did totally suck.

  33. Tessa99999 says:

    I read and bought all 12 volumes of Hot Gimmick and even I don’t know why I did it. I honestly have no idea. I wanted to know what happened next! I was waiting for Ryoki to be less of an ass, and everytime he did something it would piss me off and I’d be like “NO! You should’ve done this instead!!” But I still enjoyed it. *shrugs* I don’t know why. He was an abusive prick and not a good kind of guy to date at all. The only “good guy” in the series is Shinogu, Hatsumi’s adopted brother. Oh well, I really dunno why Hot Gimmick is such a big deal, but I liked it for some odd reason that even I don’t understand.

  34. Sarangeh says:

    The first time that I have read it, I was interested because of the blackmail and curious to know how the girl will get out of the situation. The more I read it, I can’t help but compare the lead guy to Doumyoji of Hana Yori Dango, who feels superior than everyone else. Reading on the following chapters, I hoped that somehow this girl should stand up for herself but it really disappoints me, added that the guy is arrogant and abusive but never showed any romantic gesture towards her, like Domyouji did to Tsukasa. I’m sorry but I can’t help but compare those two for they gave me the same first impression, and Domyouji is the only one who bloomed into a beautiful person. After reading a couple more volumes with no changes whatsover, I gave up and dropped the book for good.

  35. Ashley she says:

    omg..i luv hot gimmick sooo much expecially their charaters,Ryoki,AzusanHatsumi they r sooo awsome!!DAMN!!luv it sooo much..

  36. Angelina says:

    Ashley, grl you’re obviously on the wrong page then lol

    The guys are hot, the plot is nice, but wtf??! boy blackmails girl, practically raped her, hits her, then says he loves her?!? if this was real, i can just imagine how many times those boyz will get their asses kicked. No girls dumb enough to fall for such wierdies, man, let a lone someone who slaps you and walk off. Hot Gimmick is cool, but the characters are just…idk, weird…

  37. Angelina says:

    Oh…forgot, did you guys realize how many times he mentioned, “lets do it”? its like…all he cares about is losing his virginity. How could she fall in love with him, i still don’t know

  38. bananana says:

    umm da book is gona discuting but it has an intereting story line it just dat tis sumtihng that makes u wana to countine i satated dis bok today and i’m alraedy goin ot start da third one tmmrw for sureee

  39. Someone says:

    OK so I got the first 2 volumes of Hot Gimmick for Christmas and I can honestly say that I am very disgusted with it. I’m SICK of Ryoki ALREADY, after just 2 volumes. I’m seriously not going to continue reading this, I want my money back. DAMN

    I hate Hatsumi, what a bitch. She thinks she’s so cute. This site is all I needed to make me stop reading this. Because before I came here and read ALL the comments I was thinking of continuing to read it because “there must be something wrong with me” since I didn’t like it. At least now I know that there are lots of people out there who don’t like it. God, I want my money back.

  40. Lynda says:

    It’s relieving to see others found Ryoki as horrendously evil as I did. There is a line how far the grouchy, emotionally awkward hero can go, but Ryoki traipsed over that line in book one.
    But the author is talented, but it’s human NATURE to want and hang out for resolution to problems: I read through them all and I though I swore at Ryoki at least thrice every volume, I enjoyed the series.
    I think we can all see Ryoki’s attitude as a problem that needs fixing, so we hang out for it. My friends, big Ryoki supporters, found the ending to the series quite disappointing because he simply didn’t change.

    I personally sat through it for two reasons: I wanted to see Hatsumi grow a little… And I grew a soft spot for Shinogu and his plight.
    Even now I wait for Hot Gimmick S for an ending I might just enjoy. πŸ™‚ Border-line incest is easier to swallow than the abusive nature of Ryoki’s love.

  41. Kioko says:

    Haha, I loved it SO much, I loved the abusive boyfriend, the idiotic bitchy main character and the HORRIBLE PLOT-AHAHA JUST KIDDING- IT SUCKS!
    I haven’t read all of it. Maybe I don’t have the right to judge it, but after 3 pages I felt sick. Maybe I shouldn’t have read the plot. Oh well. Just ignore this TTATT

  42. Allyson says:

    I honestly do NOT like Ryouki because in short, he’s abusive and perverse. I actually still think Azusa is better despite his revenge. I would not even go near a person if he hit me and CLAIMED he loved me.

    I usually do not read shoujo comics that have a weak-minded main, but I read it to find out what happens. It really is great storytelling and nothing seems to rushed, but the pilot just fails me sometimes. There’s a line of violence that can’t be crossed, even in manga. It’s just too much. I do not see why Hatsumi just ignores him when she sees him. RUN AWAY TO SOMEBODY BETTER!
    Another thing that bothers me is that, even with the continuing volumes and chapter and whatnot, the characters don’t seem to be developing all that much. It’s disappointing that way.

    But, the art is fantastic. That’s a plus.

  43. Jade H says:

    I just happenend to look through my bros manga collection and i found volumes 3
    6,7,8 so basically the first thing i read was all about group rape, and it was pretty sick
    but com’on guys, get over it, it’s just a book and it does have a decent story.

  44. Virginia says:

    Wow, I was actually thinking of reading this, but after all these negative reviews I think I won’t… Hot Gimmick has lost one reader xD.
    Just wondering… Hatsumi ends up with Ryuoki even though he treats her like sh!t?

  45. someone says:

    this book is so confusing i mean who would even even look twice at that jerk Rouki. he’s so abusive and perverted and to think Hatsumi ends up with him. can’t she even say no to that wacko. besides azuza’s rough childhood i think he really likes hatsumi and she wasn’t really the one who deserved revenge. this books always has something you dont expect but it’s ok

  46. Lapin says:

    I realize I’m several months late, but I just finished reading the second-to-last volume of Hot Gimmick, and I have to say I really do agree with you. I can kind of understand why people think Ryouki and Hatsumi should “be together” – the entire manga is on the development of their relationship, and Ryouki means well. Most of the time. (I think he’s just a bigot, but whatever.)

    Although the main reason I do keep reading Hot Gimmick is because my friend has and it has pretty artwork, I do love a lot of the characters. In my opinion, they really are awesome enough to get yourself to get past the parts you don’t particularly enjoy.

  47. ime nano says:

    i think the story is crap. the attitude was boring. but the Ryouki, Shinguo, Aauza. The guys were all HOTIES!!!!

  48. Livii says:

    This is one of my favorite mangas and pulls me into the next book and into the next, I didn’t want it to end. Ok, Hatsumi is such a nimwit, but actually has a point in the end plus she really does love Ryoki and thats why she keeps going back to him. Ryoki has just never been in a relationship thus doesn’t know how to act.

  49. Lauren says:

    ok, for one..you people put ryoki down to much. is it his fault his dad didnt give a shit about him?? or that his mom is a total bitch?? no. and so, he cant help but feel that the only way to get hatsumi for himself is to treat her like a slave. even though!! him being abbusive verbaly and physicaly pisses me off, cause if he would learn to be nice and truly show his feelings, then hatsumi wouldnt hate being with him..not to mention making out with him 957209873 times. i honestly love the book. and besides, it is a book..not real life. wheather it happens in r/l or not. this is a B-O-O-K. so..lets just deal with the fact that ryoki and hatsumi make the hotest couple. mk? any complants or comments need to be said, feel free to message me, please and thank you.

  50. justine says:

    this manga sickened me. don’t get me wrong, i read the whole thing and thought it had the potential to be kind of romantic, but it ended up being a story about unhealthy obsesstion and relationship abuse. i understand that love is a passionate affair of swirling emotions and non-sensical actions and what not, but there is a fine line between a healthy realtionship and an unhealthy relationship, and HG is an example of the latter. Hatsumi was treated with no repect by ryoki and was refered to, and considered a slave (which has the potential to be interesting, but was just exploitation in this instance), a dog, and a piece of luggage. she was also admitedly afraid of ryoki throughout the entire story and because of his insistance, began believing that she was stupid and worthless. this is not love. and i understand that ryoki’s childhood was in some way deficient and may be the cause of his actions and thoughts, but its not ok just to accept that as an excuse for his behaviour. one of the cool things about stories is watching the characters develop into new people by learning some life lesson. Hatsumi did not grow, and neither did ryoki. this was an example of an emotionally abusive (and sometimes physically abusive) relationship that was applaued by friends and family. They show movies in high school warning kids about this kind of thing because it is wrong and all people, no matter their gender, should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as a human being. i was really disgusted with how ryuki treated hatsumi and that she chose him in the end. i shudder to think that this is socially acceptable and hope that no young girl gets a hold of it.

  51. Mystic says:

    Are you serious with some of these responses? Stuff like what happens in the book happens every day. There are thousands of girls that fall for abusive guys. Trust me I’ve seen it happen. And the excuse is always that they love them. This story is effed up but entirely believable from a relationship stand point. I don’t know how people get away with it but it does happen. And I’m not gonna throw up all over the manga either because if any of the kids in this forum have ever watched the news or picked up a news paper you’ll see this stuff all over the place. Most of you might want to lock yourselves in your basements for shelter against the real world.

  52. chip says:

    I have to admit this manga is a little disturbing and hard to read sometimes. I keep hoping it will become more balanced but it doesn’t. That said, the manga appears to be going for a more cartoonish, childish, kindergarten kinda thing with the violence. The author seems to attempt to make a distiction between the numerous head bop things and the slap. I got the impression that she meant for the head bops to be more playful than intentionally harmful, which is why with the slap there left a more lasting impression and got a stronger reaction from people around. This doesn’t mean that I agree with it and to be honest I often find it unnerving and wish they would stop or atleast tone it down significantly. However, I think I do see what the author was trying to do with that.

    That said, while I am genuienly surprised by this manga’s popularity among girls, the general furor surrounding the central relationship of this shoujo is a bit much. I understand people being worried that young girls might think that abusive relationships are acceptable, but even with out the violent stuff there is alot here that could cause worry.

    I mean Hot Gimmick is full of twisted relationships. Infact, that’s the whole point of the manga. Even though Shinogu is adopted and probably never thought of Hatsumi as due to the fact he is in love with her, SHE has always thought of him as a brother. It would be too wierd for her to start liking him. The whole Azusa thing is already out of the question due to the date rape attempt. As far as I am concerned Ryoki is the best choice by miles and miles. Of all the people she’s involved with, I think she is the only one who has not hurt her or who she doesn’t see as a family memeber. Even though I don’t like it in general, none of the violent stuff has ever been severe and even though he is kind of an asshole he has never done anything severely hurtful to her (relatively speaking). Even with that said, I do think the mangaka made Ryoki a bit too mean. I know part of the reason he is like that is that he just doesn’t know how to act around around women, but till I think it is too much sometimes.

    But now that I think of it violent relationships are kind of the backbone of alot of anime/manga, the only difference here is the direction it flows. Akane beating the crap out of Ranma, Naru-punch, Kagome’s incessant “sit boy/osuwari” thing, Sakura punchin g Naruto, that angel character that continuously kills her BF with a spiked bat, then revives him only to kill him again (lol) and several other instances. Honestly, I am not complaining and actually I found alot of it funny (as tired as the gag is) but I just thought it was worth bringing up given the topic of discussion and some of the comments above.

  53. Kuu says:

    I just find it interesting simply because it makes you wonder what kind of girl would actually fall for a guy so abusive like Ryoki. While Ryoki is abusive if most unfavorable viewers simply detatched themselves from that fact they would see the more appealing side to Ryoki playing the romantic part. If you get over his abussive words, and actions he is quite romantic, even if he’s a bit over zealous about things.

    I don’t condone his behavior but the story is interesting in the fact that the lives these kids’ parents are all tangled up and woven to cause even their children anguish. By the time volume 11 strolled by you wonder where things are going with Ryoki and Hatsume to the point of wanting to buy another volume. I myself want to know if the two will get back together after the previous incident or will she wise up and get with her “brother” who really isn’t related to her by blood. There are all kinds of strange scenarios and things that most people cannot stomach, I’ll given them that.

    But when I read a book I detatch my beliefs and views enough to give the story itself a good chance. Ryoki is and will always be an ass but if you thing about it, he doesn’t typically lie about his intentions. All the time he lets Hatsumi know exactly what he’s about even if his intentions tend to change as their relationship changes. He’s cold hearted toward most other girls but warms up even if only a little to Hatsumi. He can and has often been quite gentle with her and kind. The hitting I feel is suppose to be portrayed as love taps as if he’s trying to get her attention in a way that is most familiar with him. The being slapped is what would be more memorable for readers considering he’s never truly let himself go as far as hurting her physically.

    So he calls her names, she needs to grow a back bone and even though I don’t condone a guy calling his girl slut or bitch, the characters are drawn and portrayed a certain way to set up the story. Hatsumi has no back bone. Ryoki is a jerk through and through, the both of them likely becoming a hot item was simply unheard of but it happened through unsurprising circumstances. For Hatsumi to fall for her childhood friend [Asuza] and then be used in an elaborate scheme for his own personal vengence was simply wrong. I would prefer she be with Ryoki over Asuza or her “brother” she can’t think of that guy in that sense being she’s always looked at him as her brother, and Asuza has instilled a fear of untrust in her that will continue all throughout their lives.

    Although given she is scared of Ryoki in the beginning it was due to his pushing her down the stairs, and even he at the time had not ment to be so cruel. Hell, he was sick over it! Her fear of Ryoki grew into a different fear that had nothing to do with being pushed or bullied. It was the fear of falling in love with him. Being scared on a level of romance where she wasn’t exactly sure if she favored him over the date rape incident or simply from being his slave and growing used to his mannerisms.

    I myself have a similar relationship, not abussive mind you but similar. We yell at each other, he’ll often bop me on the head when I have a space case, I tend to be quite verbally abussive and so forth. While I’m not saying its the right thing, this is our relationship, we understand each other and know what to expect. I know he loves me and he knows I love him, end of discussion. The way we show our love might be frowned upon by others but that’s their problem and not ours.

    With Hatsumi and Ryoki, they have a growing relationship that isn’t fully developed. For starters the two of them never liked each other, it was an unlikely match. They both had to learn about the other and who they were. Even when Hatsumi was a slave, Ryoki couldn’t deny wanting to keep her near him (that is a desireable quality most girls want from their guy), and the fact that Ryoki came to her rescue when she was about to be raped. Readers just have to simply detatch their views from the overall reading. By simply reading the story and getting over the obvious “real world” views you’ll find a charming story underneath and a even more twisted one dealing with their parents.

    The strange little set up there was what got me interested. I read the story more for the parents’ envolvement with Ryoki and Hatsumi’s growing relationship. They both have a lot to learn about a healthy relationship, Ryoki has to learn to be more open and caring, slighting on his verbal and sometime (even if they are love tap) physical abuse. Hatsumi needs to be more verbal with what she wants and how she feels, stop stuttering and letting everyone tell her how she “should” feel. And more or less they both need to stop letting their families dictate their lives it has caused enough troubles to begin with, but then again in the real world people go through this on a daily basis.

    A socially inclinded mother wanting someone equally as bitchy to date her son rather than a middle class Cinderella taking over her son’s every waking life.

    And then to top it all off, why would a fictional story cause such a riot? Its a damn story! Enjoy the story for what it is a good read and then move on. I don’t like to think people are so stupid in believing that if they read one little book that is dominate around abuse that they’d go out and find someone to abuse them. I wouldn’t and I hope you wouldn’t either. So read the book, enjoy the story, get over the obvious controversies and let those of us who enjoy the book enjoy it in piece. It reminds me of the Harry Potter controversies with parents, while I’m not a fan I saw nothing demonic or witchery about the book, I was just glad kids were picking up books again which should have been the major focus… as should be the focus with Hot Gimmick! Its simply a good book to sit down and enjoy or pass the time time…end of discussion.

  54. Susana says:

    I am not going to lie and say that I hate it. I don’t. I do like some parts. I think it has no sense at all that a book could suggest that a girl would choose a guy like RYoki. I honestly thought it’d be cool she stayed with her brother or Azusa (though he set something up). I find it weird that Hatsumi doesn’t slap the guy. Yes, it’s one of the most sexists manga out there. I guess the only reason I still read it is bcz I’m curious and ya, also a slave of”qhat will happen next”. I think they should kill Ryoki and his mother. She should stay with a nice guy or at least he should start acting like a man.

    There are funny parts about the manga, but I guess the submissive role oof Hatsumi makes it all too ridiculous.

  55. Ara says:

    I just finished the whole series… spent the entire time DESPISING Ryoki. I absolutely cannot see what is so appealing about him– abusive asshole. It seems pretty idiotic to turn someone like that into your ‘heroine’s’ dream guy. It’s unfortunate that I, too, am a slave to what happens next, ’cause I just wasted $30 bucks on the last three books. Buggerit.

    *SPOILER* Shinogu becomes a monk. WTF did that come from? Hatsumi agrees to marry Ryoki (still an asshole. She’s still an idiot) and Azusa decided to get revenge on Ryoki’s family instead of Hatsumi’s. The series is twelve volumes long. Did ANYONE learn ANYTHING?


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  61. zukiyuki says:

    Awww man.. you guys really hate it that much. Booo, I’m sad. Hahaha! Coz i REALLY enjoyed reading it. Hot Gimmick was just pure fun for me. Ryoki’s character was fantastic. I love perverse characters and i find him very interesting. Shinogu was too much of a maytr. Even though he’s really the ideal guy. He’s just way too nice.

    Also, I find it funny that if Ryoki was a real character in real life i would so HATE him to death. And would definitely smack some sense into Hatsumi’s head. “What the hell’s wrong wit you, he’s an a******!” In Hot Gimmick though i was just egging Ryoki and Hatsumi on! In any case, i don’t really think its that much of a reflection on their society. Its just fiction.

  62. Silveryz says:

    I read until the 11th book and i just saw the *spoiler* review form Ara.

    Point is, it was a purely idiotic story. A girl with no brains whatsoever constantly being abused by guys and never hits back. What kind of girl is that??! Hatsumi makes you want to slap her in hopes that she’ll wake up! I totally hated Ryoki despite his special way of “caring” for Hatsumi. Why couldn’t Hatsumi end up with Shinogu or Azusa, though they aren’t perfect either, i liked them better, at least they looked better.

    Oh ya, the ending i read in Ara’s review… Well, lets just say that the story was an aboslute waste of good paper. (lucky it was all my friend’s manga and not mine!!)

  63. ~*~*~*~SUnknownT~*~*~*~ says:

    Ok, I hated this manga! And yet, I kept reading it just like all of you -lol-.
    Hatsumi is just a stupid ass girl. I don’t understand her at all.
    Ryoki is a dumbass, and I don’t know how the hell he ended up with Hatsumi.
    Azusa is annoying, at first I was routing for the two couple, but then he just got on my nerve with the revenge thing.
    Shinogu was my favorite character >.> I liked him better then all three of those people :|. He’s more decent. And I kind of felt sorry for him, b/c he himself felt sorry liking his own sister.

    This book was soooooooooooooooooo (put a thousand more “o” on the “so) annoying!!!!!!!!!

  64. Kaye says:

    To be honest, I really only read the first few books of this manga because I liked the art style. D: I’m a fan of the sappy, shojo romance mangas, but I can’t stand ones with a weak female character like Hatsumi. “What should I do? He treats me horribly and makes me cry, but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH… I think.”
    Agh. It’s so frustrating. Where are the strong (and rational) female protagonists?

  65. Minime says:

    I read part of volume one today because it seemed to be such a popular manga, but so far, it’s a bunch of bull. I can’t stand weak characters like Hatsumi either. I’ve only read to the part where Ryouki wants to practice sex with Hatsumi (can you say wtf?)!!?? The only thing that makes me want to keep reading is that I want to see what happens… if anything changes… but reading some comments told me that: nope, Ryouki is still abusive, Hatsumi is forever a weakling, and Azura turns out to be a pain in the butt as well? >.

  66. Minime says:

    I think I got cut off…

  67. Minime says:

    Eek, I’m here again. lol. I thought about this a little more… and maybe I shouldn’t have said it was a bunch of bull. It’s manga after all… there are abusive relationships… I just didn’t like the fact that it seems like it’s supporting these kinds of relationships. It might send off the wrong message.

  68. Precious says:

    I agree. I first read the manga and didn’t think it was that bad. And I wanted to know how things would end up. I really hate the fact that Hatsumi stays with Ryoki. But then again she does have an amoeba like brain and she isn’t too bright (which pisses me off). Oh wells….I guess i’ll have to sell off my whole collection since I bought the whole thing to know who she’ll end up with. How disappointing. Poor Shinogu….

  69. Hotaru says:

    Goddamn, Hatsumi needs to be beaten up. She’s a FUCKING IDIOT, and does NOTHING to change that :/ Ryoki’s the only one who won’t spoon feed her shit and make her even dumber like everyone else does. I think Ryoki does get too abusive, but Hatsumi honestly deserves it if she’s going to stick with that creep.

  70. taz says:

    i read hot gimmick but up till volume 9 like i cant even find the ****** book and im goin MAD over it there aren’t any web sites i can watch it off of. i think that ryoki is a LOSER and it would be better if she went off with like azusa or shinugo.

  71. ronni says:

    personally i love this manga. i find the storyline intriging and i always want to read more of it. and the artwork is really good aswell.

  72. lola says:

    Why are you people whining over a story??? It’s only a STORY after all…And a damn well drawn / narrated one. Miki Aihara is a genius, the way she conveys the intense emotions in her drawings absolutely amazes me. I love it absolutely and yes it is disgusting the way some of the characters behave but since you people are ranting and raving about it tells me that you’ve read it and in some cases, couldn’t wait to get the next volume…I find it pretty funny that people who say they hate a manga still run to go get it as soon as a new volume gets out…

  73. Lexie says:

    I found the plotline rather intriguing, actually. I absolutely HATED Ryoki, and was waiting for Hatsumi to hook up with Azusa, but it NEVER HAPPENED. I was so mad. Ryoki was freaking talking about like, marriage and stuff… i mean HELLO, they’re still in high school. God. But I absolutely love Akane and Subaru as a couple, although i would have preferred if Suba was SLIGHTLY more confident. To wear the pants for a change. Quite literally, with the whole dress/gundam thing. haha.
    I got this series from a friend, but i wouldn’t pay money for it. I think it supports unethical behaviour in teenagers, i mean, did they even ONCE use protection? And with her brother? ew.
    Not that I would know, I mean, I’m still in high school.
    By the time I finished it, however, I was SO disappointed. (pardon the capitols, lol)
    She dumped him, and i was like, finally!!! But then, he hits her and says something about marriage, and she crumbles, begging for him to take her back. It makes me sick, personally.

  74. Shinogu-fan says:

    Reading three volumes doesn’t really give you much insight. I’ve read up to volume 12 and Ryoki begins to treat Hatsumi much better. I don’t remember him ever referring to Hatsumi as a slut EVER, so using words just to describe how bad he is is over-reacting. No he does not constantly hit her. As a matter of fact, he’s only TRULY hit her once. Every other time was like play hitting and even that didn’t happen often. The point is – You have absolutely no insight to Hot Gimmick and your description shows that. You have no idea what you’re talking about, so you can’t really write a decent review without understanding it.

  75. Emma says:

    I picked up the first volume last week and couldn’t put it down XD since then, i have read the rest online *im broke at the moment ^^* and to tell you the truth, i kinda like it.
    I know Ryoki is a bit of an ass *understatement of the century* but i think he kinda loved her deep down, but was just unable to say it *or did i just read into this too much?*
    Through the whole book i wanted her to end up with him as i found Azusa really off putting and though they were childhood friends, he only wanted revenge *for most of the book* and the whole thing with Shinogu was kinda ewwww XD
    I was very disapointed with how the characters developed though, as i thought Hatsumi would have learned to stand up for herself a little more, and i would have thought that Ryoki would have learned to care a bit more, or at least taken some advise from another character.
    Over all, i really liked it, and was very happy at the end asshe ended up with Ryo

  76. Alysha says:

    Well I read it up to about volume 9 and finally gave up when I realized that Ryoki and Hatsumi relationship was not going to change or improve. I like my mangas to have the main charcters change for the better or at least in this case any change would be good. Ryoki was making me soooo angry with his over possesive attitude and Hatsumi was making me even more pissed off with her passiveness. I wanted her to just say what was on her mind.

    Although, I can’t say that this is a bad manga because it is actually really clever and it’s has a different view of a relationship that I have not seen. The author chose a topic that I have never really seen in which there was so much abuse from beginning to end. All other mangas I read the main characters were abusive at first but then got better as the story progressed and then in the end the abuse stopped when they realized the other persons feelings for one another. I kind of like that view cause what can I say I love happy endings.

    The only reason I read it so far was cause I wanted to know about the other characters and what they were all hiding and how Hatsumi’s sister relationship was going. Also for some unknown reason I was kind of rooting for Hatsumi’s brother to make Hatsumi realize that she shoud be with him. It is very disturbing to me cause I would NEVER want that kind of relationship with my brother even if we were not related. Sadly I could not wait and found a website with summaries to find out the end. I was really disappointed but its okay. If I was asked if someone should read it I would say “Only if you are okay with a suprising ending, maybe even disappointing ending”. Its a good read for passing time.

  77. sakurako says:

    Well i just finished reading the entire manga online, a friend told me its great so i read it. My verdict?Ok i like it, but before anyone thinks of me as a sick person who roots for abusive relationships hear me out first.

    I think that those people who were not able to finish reading the manga and disliked it were turned off because of Ryouki’s abusive nature and Hatsumi’s “kindness?stupidity” When i started reading it i just wanted to go on to the next page. its so addicting and i think most of you would agree with me that we all want to know whats going to happen next. At first I really find Ryouki to be so repulsive. Actually from the first chapter i kinda know that they (hatsumi & ryouki) are going to end up together in the end. During the first parts I was rooting for Azusa and Hatsumi. But after the gang rape incident I found him more repulsive than Ryouki, who in his right mind would do that to your childhood friend? even for the sake of revenge it was just too much, its a good thing the gang rape was stopped. I was so astounded with Hatsumi because she even managed to say sorry to Azusa while she was about to be raped. Although as the story progressed i kinda get why Hatsumi can still manage to help and even talk with Azusa even after all that happened. She knew the pain and lonelines Azusa felt with the pain of losing his mother. I think that Hatsumi has a very kind and forgiving heart. To be able to forgive someone who did a horrible thing to you. Eventhough if that happened to me Azusa would most probably end in jail. I can see why she forgave him, its painful to be betrayed by someone you trust so much,but if she didnt forgave and understand him he would drown in sadness and revenge which wouldnt do anyone good. By understanding him Azusa somehow retained his sanity. Because deep in his heart he know he cherish and love Hatsumi. He didnt really mean to hurt her that much he was just drowned in this whole revenge thing. I am not saying that what Azusa did was forgivable but i know where he and Hatsumi is coming from to be able to do those things. It was also there that i started to have a oft spot for Ryouki.

    If we analyze Ryouki’s character he is really despicable but behind that he really did a lot for Hatsumi. Things that he wouldnt normally do. He has his own way of loving her. he actually reminds me of Domyouji Tsukasa of Hana Yori Dango. Yes Ryouki always want to get into Hatsumi’s pants but there was this chapter when he said to himself that even if nothing will happen between them, even if it was only a hug if its Hatsumi he would be satisfied(this was during the new year although they ended up not doing anything not even a hug cause he fell asleep). He actually has a lot of redeeming value. Yes he also verbally abuse Hatsumi aying things like its an order!your my slave!etc. The reason behind this is that he grew up in a family where affection, sensitivity and concern for other peoples feelings are not shown. He doesnt know how to say what he feels properly thus he ends up bullying Hatsumi into doing his bidding. Although i dont really remember him calling Hatsumi a slut and a bitch. He once called her a dirty woman when he thought that she did it with her brother. He also has this tendency to jump to conclusions or react without even asking whats the real deal. He is childish that way. But you cant deny that he really loves Hatsumi even though there were countless times that he said he’d give up on her cause she’s stupid and all. He still ands up coming back to her. Hatsumi is the only person in the world for Ryouki his mother and father doesnt really care much about him. Without her he’ll be really lonely, though he’d never admit it. A lot of you said that he physically abuses Hatsumi well i agree during the first parts he was harassing her( those were the times when he still hasnt realized that he has feelings for Hatsumi and he’s being his usual jerk self cause he doesnt know how to treat girls properly because everyone does what he wants and he’s not used to not getting his way), but i think that the parts where he knocks Hatsumi were meant to be playful the only time were he really hit her was when he slapped her infront of Shinogu and Azusa. She is protective of Hatsumi too in his own way. I think thats the reason Hatumi fell for him, cause you see you dont choose who you fall in love with,it just happens to you even if it is against your wish. Thats what the author is trying to imply. Because at first Hatsumi really hated Ryouki and cant believe that she fell for him.The cliche where you end up loving the person you hate most in the world even though you try to fight it and everyones telling you hes not right for you it is the charm of this story. For you to be able to understand why a lot of people are rooting for Ryouki and Hatsumi you should be able to look underneath his arrogant facade. There were a lot o nstances where he would do or say something really romantic without meaning to its just what he feels. And he could only be that way with her. Although in the end he still not gentle with her he shows his love in a different way. And eventhough its little he has actuall changed. Thats the way he is and thats how he shows his love and Hatsumi accepts it because she understands him.

    Regarding Hatsumi she is quite dense but it is undeniable that she has a kind and forgiving heart. That is her strength and weakness at the same time. But bear in mind that there are a lot of different people,they have different personalities what might be wrong for you could be okay with them so i dont really hate her character that much. She is quite selfless and always thinks about other happiness first which caused her a great deal of pain. A lot of you say that she is a dumbass for being with Ryouki but thats how she feels. She had been through enough already with people telling her what to do so its only right that in the end she choose what she really wants. She is the only one who could somewhat understand Ryouki. Although i was hoping that at the end of the story she’ll be more assertive.

    Shinogu on the other hand is one of my favorite characters, he clearly depicts self sacrifice, hello he went to become a priest because Hatsumi is the only girl he loved. Actually its not bad if they ended up together since he is the perfect guy he is kind caring,lovingnot to mention hot and everytning you could ask for~. But it was quite a shock for Hatsumi finding out that her brother never loved her as a sister bbut as a woman. That would be really freaky at first but since they are really not blood relatives i guess theres nothing wrong if they ended p together. I was kinda sad that he ended up wanting to be a priest i was hoping he’ll find some other to love. i was really hoping he’d find happiness in the end since he was an extremely nice person as opposed to Ryouki.

    The one i really hate is Tachibana’s mother who is a major pain in the story. I dont get it with people like her who tries to poke into other peoples issues and not looking at her own sh*t. She deserves what she got in the end.

    So what did really made us read this manga so much. Well its different for everybody but this is my opinion. Everone is entitled to his own opinion. So if you think that HG is a piece of trash thats for you, but you all love to hate it and alot of you admitted that even though you dont like it you still bought the next volume that just proves that the author is really good in writing this story ecause eventhough if others hate it they still buy it out of curiosity of whats going to happen next!Everyone wants to know whats thw next silly thing they’re going to do. And what kind of mystery is behind them all. Its human nature. Thats why eventhogh your claiming you dont like it,you still want for more. Then just enjoy it its a good read. If you want a story about a guy and a girl so unlike Hatsumi and Ryouki i recommend that you read OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB its GREAT!I hope i havent offended anyone and i hope you reply to what i think.And for those who are asking why people like thi i hope i somehow answered your question!

  78. arucardoXD says:

    waaa… well i just want toi know what is the end of the novel of hot gimmick ‘cuz i heard it has a different ending and hatsumi don’t choose ryouki i want to know who she choose =( welll and talking about ouran high school host club jajaja is really great see the anime ‘cuz the manga doesn’t have such great artwork as hot gimmick the artwork is great actually ‘cuz i’m a guy i could’nt enjoy with the hot guys like all girl says and the girls were just o.k. u know so in that matter the girls where dissapoiting, except the chapter in where hatsumi is in her underwear and almost do it with ryouki jajaja (face of a pervert) XD… just jokin gi’m nota perv… but the artwork was great i like to draw so i think i could learn how to draw guys from this manga … about the plot i really don’t care really much about ryouki i just gave up on him since volume 7 or 8 i tink when he hits hatsumi i don’t know what volume is it’s a shame that the characters of azuza and shinogu couldn’t develope anymore… and subaru and akane jajaja they were fine really cute akane even though she was kind of a chibi slut … -.-U but she changes with subaru thanks god xD!!! then it’s a shoujo so i don’t really have much more to said… i don’t really like it and the truth is that i just read some chapters in total abot 15 chapters all else i know from reading in pages like this what happen in the end… my favorite character is shinogu there is no question about it… he’s a good person but a bit sick for having the hots for his sister ‘cuz even though she wasn’t his sister they raise together and… well… i don’t know i wonder if in hot gimmick S( the novel) they end up together… that’s all if anybody knows about the novel please put the end here xD jajaja

  79. Grey says:

    I didn’t like the story either especially when Hatsumi was nearly gang-raped in the early part of the manga. But, I continued on reading it at a website called Onemanga.com. Also, I NEVER finished it and disliked it because of how the main girl was being treated.

  80. SM says:

    I just finished reading the series yesterday. Stopped reading it a little towards the middle and forgot about it, but Naruto and Bleach didn’t come out this week and I remembered I was reading it when I was at the website Onemanga.com. So I continued. The reason I stopped the first time was because I got bored. Honestly at that point, I wanted Hatsumi with Ryoki. I thought, yea he would change. But the more I read on, the more disturbed and pissed off I got. Ryoki never changed. Ever. And no, his behavior of her does not improve towards the end of the manga. He still calls her stupid, he still hits her, still wants to control her. I thought, that maybe after Akane made the suggestion to be nicer to her, he’d get the damn hint and stop being a jerk. But instead he uses it to manipulate her into getting on the train with him to go to a hotel so he can sleep with her.

    I have seen a some people comparing him to Doumyoji from Hana Yori Dango, only one person actually said that Tsukasa ended up changing his behavior, the rest just compared the two. That is why I liked Tsukasa better than Ryoki. They both basically started out the same, but Tsukasa actually changes. He gets kinder to Tsukuchi, he doesn’t mind her having friends that are males, hell all of his friends hang out with her! He doesn’t mind that he isnt on her mind all the time and nor does he demand it. And Tsukuchi is an ok heroine, I wanted to smack her sometimes for wanting to go with whatshisface, even after he admitidly used her to get his ex jealous. But she had a freakin backbone! Ryoki does not change, he does not want Hatsumi around other males, does not even want her to think about them, makes her choose between him and her family…I mean the list goes on.

    I found some reviews to be particularly disturbing. One of them stated that Ryoki never really hit Hatsumi except for the slap and he never severely hurt her. Huh? I’m sorry, but to me, a playful hit does not hurt. You clearly see her clutching her head many times after he hits her on the head. And the little drawing of a band-aid often means that whatever it was hurt the person who got hit. I know its meant to be comical, but it still hurts. Also, he does severely hurt her. He puts her down all the time, mentally abusing her. And blames everything on her when he gets mad and acts like an abusive jerkwad. Mental abuse is just as bad, if not WORSE than physical abuse. So yes, he did indeed severely harm Hatsumi. And like I mentioned before, he forced her to choose between him and her family, that is abuse right there in the first degree. If you notice the pattern of abusers, they always try and push the victom away from their families. Why? Because then the victom can’t leave them. “Who are you going to run to? Your family? They despise you! I’m the only person who has ever cared about you!” Its entrappment and Ryoki does it to her. Also, the comments on saying “Its just a story” If you haven’t noticed, a lot of teens, kids and sometimes adults, try to imitate stories. They draw from them. So a message from a story, can be a very dangerous thing if taken the wrong way, more than people realize.

    As far as Hatsumi is concerned, yea I agree that the girl has no backbone. And when it looks like she finally may grow one, it all turns out to be a farce. Pissed me off.

    I was pissed at the ending, not only because Hatsumi ends up with Ryoki, but because there is no closure. A lot of the conflicts are not even resolved. I mean Azusa still wants revenge, which he plans to do by most likely harming Hatsumi again to get to Ryoki, he does not learn to let it the heck go. Shuuichirou never learns his lesson (this was Ryoki’s father). Shinogu, well the ending to his part was all just…blah. I think I would have been happier if he went off wandering somewhere. I’m happy with Akane and Subaru, I loved their relationship and it was one of the things that made me keep reading. And the ending…”This is my home” that just sucked. I was like…huh? Did Onemanga.com not load all of it or something because that can’t be the end.

    Overall, the story, besides Ryoki and Hatsumi’s relationship…and characters..and them being the main characters, was ok. I did not like the lack of character devlopment, but the story itself, aside from the things above I mention, was compelling and interesting. Honestly, I think I would have liked a shorter manga about Akane and Subara as the mains and everyone else as the sides. Also, I think Hatsumi should have choosen herself.

  81. MountyTheOtaku says:

    Well, I’m glad I read this. I saw what you said about Jazz, but I thought that you were recommending Hot Gimmick (I had just stumbled across you on Google). I had considered reading many times, but the cover put me off. She looks like a slut. And evidently, she is a ball-less, masochistic slut. But, I had opened the manga in the next tab and thought it sounded stupid, so I decided to look for your thoughts. I’m glad I did. I read this, than immediately hit x.

  82. Amina says:

    Hey everybody.
    I’m so glad this blog exist, it was kind of hard to find. Unfortunately it was too late, i already read the whole series.

    To all those who defend Ryouko-bastard-san. Having a tough childhood is no excuse to behave like that. All that bulls*** about how he can’t express his love in another way. It’s like saying: that de chainsaw dude from texas chainsaw massacre is actually being lovey dovey, cause he had a rough childhood and the way he expresses his emotions is by massacring and killing people, so you know it’s okey, it’s okay.
    NO it’s NOT!

    But the person i am really aggravated with is the heroin. You can’t really blame the guy for being an asshole, they’re stupid so it’s hopeless to expect more from them(*kidding -grinning-:d love you guys ;*). That Hatsumi, i don’t get it. In my entire life i never wanted so bad to go in to manga reality and kick her ass. I mean she violates the very basic nature of survival: cave woman meets two cavemen: one hits her with his stick and grumbles, the other gives meat and shelter: who does she choose?
    You choose survival right, i mean God. I know i’m taking this too seriously and all, but I just had to let it all out, it was getting on my nerves.

    To the writer of Hot Gimmick: i’m not saying she’s not talented because otherwise people wouldn’t even bother writing about it, wether it be to criticism or to appraise, but you’re still one sick lady to be writing like that.

  83. games reviews…

    […]What’s so hot about Hot Gimmick? « Anime Bento[…]…

  84. Nedany27 says:

    Absolutely β™‘ Hot Gimmick! People, it’s anime, not a non fictional novel. Lol let me clarify a few bits. Ryoki never raped Hatsumi, she gave into him (sex, totally consensual) last novel and accepted his request to be his fiance. HatsumI is wishy washy, push over who can’t handle her emotions like a woman. Go figure she agreed to slavery.
    Im reading on and on to many comments and Im stunned that majority vote says Hatsumi should have been with Shinogu, not Ryoki. Ryoki is abusive (agreed) and an a**hole… Shinogu GREW up as Hatsumi’s brother even though he isn’t biologically related and confessed his non sister/brother love to her. OK people, Imagine your brother coming up to you one day and come to find out, he’s not your real brother. Not only that, but he Never thought of himself as a brother to her, but wants to be your lover. Horny yet? Hahaha NOPE. Anime is strictly Fictional and Fantasy. Nobody wants an abusive a-hole, a revenge ridden, or a brother from another mother (and dad) kind of boyfriend. We get it. So enjoy the Anime- Hot Gimmick is awesome!!

  85. truth says:

    I dont understand what is the point in tha question. People who like this manga is the same at People enjoy a horror Movie or fantasy Movie. That doesnt mean at you like what the killer do in the Movie or you really believe at a flying witch exists but you like the story, the roll of People in the story or how they react to the circunstancies. So…i dont really get what People mean when they ask that?

    Enjoy and open mind!

  86. I was so shocked by the attempted gang rape in the first volume, and everyone’s reaction in story, that I couldn’t read anymore. And this is for kids? Sheesh! Nice way to form developing personalities at an age where critical thinking has not fully developed and emotions are running hot. I’m guessing the lovers are kids under 15 and the haters are adults over 30?

  87. Saya says:

    What little credit you can give the fanbase is that a lot of them actually come to hate Ryoki and prefer the novel where Hatsumi ditches him for Shinogu.

  88. Jessica says:

    For me I totally agree; I hated the main romance plot between Hatsumi & Ryoko…I think he’s an ass, always have, since the beginning. I was pulled in however by the other story lines. I absolutely love Shinobu & his story line with Hatsumi. I also thought her sister’s romance with Subaru was super cute. Then I would go back & forth on Azusa….the “gang rape” thing was a little much.

  89. […] of revenge. Oh, and Hatsumi eventually falls in love with Ryoki, despite everything he did to her. How inspiring. […]

  90. renew Marriage vows

    What’s so hot about Hot Gimmick? | Anime Bento

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