Introducing, Anime Nano!

In my country, there's an ad for a sweet called Nano-Nano, and the song for the song is infectious. It goes like this: "Nano-nano-nano-nano nano…" Ok, I really can't illustrate it very well without music.

That's the song that played in my head when I heard about Anime Nano, brought to you by Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog! Hung, as we Malaysians say it, "Your blog name very hard to rememberlah!" 😉

But yes, I was excited when I saw that a new aggregator popped up and was one of the first to sign up. 🙂 I wanted to join blogsuki but was daunted by the "must be six months old" rule. 😛

I felt like I didn't really have a chance with Anime Nano, but I tried anyway. I got in! Yipee!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload my picture. (Scratches head) How weird.

I chose this nifty Roy Mustang pix as my user pic:


Can you tell that I'm a little infatuated with the Colonel?

Ever since I joined Anime Nano, my hits have gone up. 😉 Very happy – and I got, like, six comments for my last post! Yay!

The long story short – thanks for creating Anime Nano, Hung. 🙂


4 Responses to Introducing, Anime Nano!

  1. Alex says:

    If you want that to appear as the avatar of your blog itself, you’ll have to set it up separately from your personal profile – then we get to see this handsome fellow whenever you post, as opposed to the ? you garner presently.

  2. Atazure says:

    Congrats !! Thought i didn’t find you through anime nano 😉

  3. Eva says:

    XD Roy Mustang is soo hot!! I don’t know what I see in him but I can’t get over him X3

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