Tokko episode 4


That Shindou. He's such a user. He agrees to go out with one of his sister's friends just so that he can gain access to the forensic labs as there are rumours that the evidence collected from the murders where the zombies are involved are there. There, his date – Yukino – shows him an ancient manuscript about alchemists who summon spirits. In that book, Shindou spots the very same bug-like creatures that created those zombies. But before he could go any further, Yukino's father, who also works in the lab, tells him to go away.

I suppose I can understand why Saya – Shindou's sister – tailed him on his date. Seriously. That guy needs to learn the fine art of getting a woman! Using them as sources for his work ain't the way.

Shindou explains to Yukino why he's so interested in that book, but Yukino although surprised, refused to divulge any more information. That's what you get from playing a girl, Shindou!

Shindou later finds out from Saya that Yukino's mother was murdered when she was a teenager. This perks his interest and he decides to visit her lab – she's doing the night shift.

And you know what people say about nights – that's when the denizens of evil appear. 😛 Shindou finds himself attacked by, not a zombie, but a guy with horns coming out from his back. Instinctively, he assumes a defensive position when the demon spews a truckload of bug monsters at him. (Eeew.) Then – to the surprise of the demon – something happens to Shindou's tattoo. A shield appears before Shindou and splatters the bugs.

The demon attacks, and Shindou, frozen by a flashback, can only stare. Lucky for him the Leather Squad (TOKKO) appears. Rokujou slashes the monster's hand off. And the demon runs away.

As Rokujou looks after a wounded Shindou, the Leather Squad contemplates how Shindou can survive a "No. 12" (presumably the bug-spewing demon). And one of them makes an ominous comment: "He's mixed."


Thoughts: I noticed that Shinou's tattoo is no longer a faded grey but a stark black. Hmm, I wonder what does that signify? And does it have any similiarities to the tattoo Rokujou has?

Like I suspected, Shindou could very well be some kind of hybrid. But what does that mean? Could it mean that mummy or daddy is a demon? Could it mean that somehow, in the past, he was attacked, and somehow the monster's genes stayed in him because he survived?

So many questions.

After viewing the fourth episode of this series, I have to agree with some of the critics that there isn't anything very original about Tokko. But the story is well-told, and it keeps you intrigued about the whole mystery about what these creatures are and why Shindou is so important.


4 Responses to Tokko episode 4

  1. Marley marl says:

    The anime is way different from the Manga. The manga is way better than the anime, they could have made it an OVA and avoid making those filler tv episodes. It makes the story seem fake or lame.

  2. Kitty says:

    Hi, I read the manga too. 🙂 Although I do agree that the manga is better, I didn’t mind the fillers in the anime cos I wanted Tokko to last longer. 😛

  3. Dianne says:

    Exelent! Good work! Please visit my site too:

  4. Shisu says:

    Great Work.

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