Tokko episode 1

tokko.jpgBrief summary: Shindou Ranmaru is late for his graduation – he’s now a an investigator for TOKKI, The Special Mobile Investigation Force. We are informed from the very beginning that Shindou is no ordinary guy. He’s been having bloody dreams about the day his parents were ripped to shreds in their apartment, and he’s been dreaming about a half-naked blood soaked girl. Shindou lives with his rather uninhibited sister who walks around in her underwear when he’s around and flashes him her boobs casually. (Poor guy.) So much so that his best friend says that he is a “sister-con” (someone who has a sister complex). Being a rookie for Tokki means that they have to be ordered around by their chief and to be assigned wonderful duties like picking up shredded remains of murder victims. Yes, the bloody murders – the one that took their parents away – are still happening.

As Shindou is getting used to his new ‘station’ in life, he suddenly meets that half-naked girl and finds out that she’s part of this secretive unit called Tokko. Since he longs to solve the murders of his parents, he thinks that the girl holds the key to what happened in his town years ago.

Thoughts: Tokko has received a lot of criticisms because of its bad animation and cookie cutter-characters. But maybe I’m just less sensitive to bad art as I don’t understand what’s so bad about the animation. 😉 Sure, they take a lot of short cuts when it comes to the action scenes – splashes of blood to tell you that something violent is going on – but on the whole, it’s nothing as bad as Weiss Kreuz for example. Now, that’s bad animation.

Still, it’s not great animation as well. Low frame rates and all. But it can do.

I found the story intriguing – yes, something is up with Shindou. He immediately perks the interest of the Tokko people, especially the blonde who says that he has the “scent of the other side.” Not sure by the amount of decapitations, blood, exploding heads, severed limbs though. I’m not that affected by them, but it’s sure interesting how much blood is shed in this anime!

The last scene in the opening sequence got me really interested. It seems to hint that Shindou could be a potential enemy of Tokko. Hmm!

Apparently this is a 13-episode anime. I wonder how much ground can they cover? Better, I wonder if I am ever going to see it in the stores?? Tokko is not exactly popular in Malaysia, so I have doubts whether it’ll be brought over.

Ah well.

All in all, since not many are blogging this series, I’ll be blogging it.


3 Responses to Tokko episode 1

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  2. Roman says:

    This was one of the first anime that i watched and liked, wish there was more to it though. I dont think the movie/series has ended though there should be more involving.

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