Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA


If you want a reason to watch this OVA, I'll give you a few: Wanna watch Sagara Sousuke completely loose his iron-clad cool? Wanna see Tessa half-naked? Wanna see Sagara see Tessa half-naked? Ok, nuff reasons already.

It's really nice to see the Full Metal Panic team again – without Kaname Chidori though. ;P To be honest, when I heard that the OVA was going to be about Tessa, I was so dissapointed. I so wanted to see Kaname and Sousuke again at their usual antics. Who cares about Tessa?? (And Tessa fans throw rotten tomatoes at me.)

But this OVA is so funny, I forgot my former grudge. Basically the story is this: Tessa wakes up drunk one night and catches our favourite Sergeant totally off guard. Why? Because Sousuke doesn't know what to do with a Tessa that is clad only in a shirt and undies and who is all for rubbing herself all over him. 
This has got to be my favourite scene in the OVA. I know, it's cruel, but I enjoyed seeing Sousuke sweat buckets and stammer like a jumping mexcan bean and with his voice almost at a falsetto! Man, priceless!

While trying to find out what happened to her – how did she get drunk?? – Tessa tastes Kalinin's cooking, stumbles upon Kurz Weber who is in a big fight that has something to do with a couple of fighting pigs. This all ends with a confession to Sousuke that produces hilarious results. Are you dense, Sousuke?? Apparently, yes. 😉

This OVA is like Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu only instead of setting it in school, we have the whole comedy thing in the Danaan. Watching this OVA had me yearning yet again for more Full Metal Panic. Sob. I hope they have a fourth season. I so want to see it. Snifffff …

If you want a nice sypnopsis of the entire episode, visit Random Curiosity.


17 Responses to Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA

  1. stanley igama says:

    hey i just want to ask di you know any sites where i can download it or anything because i haven’t seen it yet but it looks exciting

  2. Illuminati says:

    Yeah, I’ve been looking to download this but most fansub sites don’t have this. So if you can please direct me to a good fansub site which does I’ll be very grteful. Thanks.

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  5. Rosie says:

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  6. TK says:

    Hey ! i Wanna see dis Episode !! Where can I Download it ??? please!! PLease !! T_T

  7. shinji says:

    i’ve watched 2nd raid and liked it. Plot is engaging with good character development.

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  10. michaelchen says:

    Hey i am just a fan now.I’v watched every episode and i’m a total fan.Excepyt that i have a grudge against kaname.I wish the 4th pt comes out soon.*_*

  11. fmpfan says:

    are their 3 OVA episodes?because i have only ever seen the tsr OVA episode but i read somewhere on the net that their are 3.fmp has to be my fave anime,i have the dvd of fumoffu,i sometimes watch the same episodes over and over again and i never get bored of it.i dont hate tessa but i dont like the way she always gets in the way of chidori and sousuke,but even though tessa isnt one of the best characters(in my opinion)i have to say that this OVA episode is VERY funny

  12. fmpfan says:

    people who wanna download fmp OVA/S…you could go on thepiratebay,mininova or minova.what im gonna do is download all 3 OVA’S(if their r 3)coz they dont put the OVA eps on dvd,though i think they should do

  13. Spy says:

    im sure theres ganna be 4th season on full metal panic bec. they havent shown the history of wraith and amalgam
    and many more.I also heard that the creators of full metal panic wont release yet the 4th season because they havent finish making there manga novel!

  14. yoyo says:

    should have more naked pictuers of tessa

  15. Great Post. I add this Post to my bookmarks.

  16. honeystars says:

    Just watched the OVA ,and yeah, it was so funny! I miss Chidori, though, I felt incomplete not seeing her there. Is this the only Full Metal Panic OVA?

    I’m a big fan and though its been 4 years since FMP and yet, I never get tired of watching it all over again. I’m still hoping for a fourth season, I must say, they left us hanging with that ending in the second raid!

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    […]Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA « Anime Bento[…]…

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