The manga I’m collecting

Yesterday, I managed to put my manga in some semblance of order. They were lying in an undignified heap by my bed for a few weeks now, but now they're back on the bookshelves in my library safe and sound. From the pile, this is worth collecting:


monster.jpgWhat happens when you save the life of a child who grows up to be a vicious serial killer? This is what the manga is all about; it's a character-focused story, so we get to see all this from the perspective of a surgeon, Dr Tenma. The art is gorgeous, clean, realistic and neat. I can't wait to watch the 74-episodes anime!


This shonen manga is just so cute and hilarious! I love the art, which is classic shonen style. The humour is what makes collecting this manga worthwhile – Yoshimori comes from a family of kekkaishis who guard the site of an ancient site. This site is located at their school (of course), and Yoshimori and his neighbour, Tokine has to guard it every night. Yoshimori is in love with Tokine, who is older than him btw (refreshing!) but she's from a rival kekkaishi family and they believe tha they're the true heirs of the kekkaishi legacy. So, it's like Romeo and Juliet without the angst. 😉

Descendants of Darkness

Although I find the shonen-ai bits overdone and overwrought (it's fanservice all the way!), I love the art, and I love the lead character, Tsuzuki and the angst he's put through. So lovable, yet he has a painful past, so kind and yet so capable of such destruction. 🙂 Too bad the mangaka stopped producing and left the project halfway. Therefore, Vol.11 is the "last" volume, though I heard the mangaka will be continuing the story this year. She better …

Anne Freaks

anne.jpgThere's something about this disturbing manga that makes me want to read g the next volume. The characters are amoral, they don't regret killing people … but the secrets they have intrigue you so much you have to keep on reading! 

On the fence:


This sci-fi, apocalyptic tale enthralled me with its gritty art and deep story, but all the teasing for the final 3 volumes have gotten to me. If there aren't any answers soon, I feel like giving up.

Black Cat

Way better than the anime. And the story is very different too. But for now, although the art is good (I'm very particular about art in my manga. I don't buy manga with bad art no matter how good the story is) I don't feel for the characters. 

Manga I wished I never spent money on:

Deus Vitae

deus.jpgNo doubt the art is super-gorgeous. I've never seen such achingly detailed work, but there were too many nipples! The girls take every opportunity to striiip. At one point, a law officer decided to interrogate the main character by … yes, you heard me, "bonding" with him, which requires her to striiip of course. The abundance of nipple exposure just got to me – thank god it ended at the third volume. And oh yeah, the story – if only it was a good story. It had a lot of potential, however. Humanity has been almost eliminated by this cyborg called Eve who, in turn, created a race of super androids to take humanity's place. Now, humanity must defeat them somehow. The ending was silly.

I actually have way  more manga than this, but listing this all will take me days. 😛 


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  1. shinji says:

    I’ve heard about Anne Freaks, looks really interesting..

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