Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1


Summary: While looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club where a group of bishonen of different flavours “entertain” girls. No, there’s nothing hentai-ish about the whole setup. Just think about them as great hosts.

Well, Haruhi unfortunately breaks a priceless vase, and in the end has to work it off by being the host club’s “dog”. But when the Host Club King – Tamaki – discovers that Haruhi has pretty eyes, he recruits Haruhi as a host. If you want a detailed summary of the episode, Memento, as usual, has a great sypnopsis. (I don’t detailed sypnosis since these folks do it so well.)
Thoughts: (Spoilers, btw!) My friend and I sat down to watch it on my laptop with neutral expectations. I heard that it was good … but I wasn’t prepared for it being this good. It was a laugh-a-riot thanks to its unique humourous style.

I knew rightaway what the lightbulbs represent, though my friend theorised that it meant that Haruhi had “won” over a person. Nopers!

Note that I deliberately kept Haruhi’s gender a secret. Yeah, I know a lot of people know who Haruhi really is, but it would’ve been such a great watch if they didn’t know.

Tamaki’s reaction to Haruhi being a girl was hilarious. Man, I lurve Tamaki. He’s such a ditz. My favourite scene was Tamaki’s soliloquy and how Haruhi completely ignored his wise “tips” and instead was too busy trying figure out what to call people like Tamaki! And Tamaki’s reaction when Haruhi finally figured the word (it’s obnoxious) was priceless!

I was a bit brr with the boy-twins-love bit. Like Haruhi, I totally do not get what’s so attractive about a pair of bishie twins showing unbrotherly attention to each other. Kinda makes my skin crawl. ;P I know, you say tomahto I say tomato; just don’t hate me for liking my love affairs differently.

So, it’s obvious that Tamaki and Haruhi is a potential couple. When I asked my friend what she thinks about them as a couple, she burst out laughing. Yes, Tamaki is going to drive Haruhi absolutely mad and I’m sure she’ll do the same for him. Ah … love.

So, is Ouran worth the download? You betcha!! If you’re not convinced with my post you can read these glowing reviews: Yummy Sushi Pajamas, BasuBaguBakuhatsu Anime Blog, Cinammon Ass and more at blog suki.


14 Responses to Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1

  1. laidley says:

    Very Very nice information here… Thanks

  2. Sylvia says:

    ummmm..where can i download Ouran high School Host Club episodes at?? without using bittorrent?

  3. Kitty says:

    Try fansubs.tv 😛

  4. Vika says:


    There you can see the titles of the episodes and when they were released. And you can notice they are sort of new. ^^ The 16th episode recently came to tv (think at japan), two days ago. So I wonder when I can download that episode. Also at youtube, the episode 15th subbed came out 24 hours ago, but without subbed a week ago. And with looking at the pattern, looking when the 14th episode came out with subs in youtube, there is week diffrence. So in a week-6 days, in you tube will come out the 16th episode! Can’t wait >.

  5. Vika says:

    youtube, is aka youtube.com ^^

  6. Animefweak says:

    Hi! It sounds like a great anime! I can’t seem to find episode 19 so if anyone know’s wer I Can downnload the episodes pls comment! I’m in need. It’s the best anime ever and I don’t want to miss a thing. Oh and if anyone has comments on what other anime’s are good please tell me. Thanks for giving me a lilmore information about the show! REMINDER:
    If anyone at all know’s wer I can download episodes of ouran high school pls comment! Pls.

  7. Tenzin says:

    Go to youtube, to find the Host Club series up to episode 20. 21 is there but is not subbed yet….I am looking fowrard to it!

  8. Nezumi-chan says:

    if you go to http://anime.bww2.com/ and get a free account you can get up to episode 22. They’re still missing the last 4 eps, sadly. I hope they rectify that soon.

  9. Steve smith says:

    YOU’RE AN IDIOT…. host club is great but you tube is the devil… MORON

  10. eyena says:

    where can I download this anime??I really want to watch it..

  11. Appollochan says:

    You can download it at http://ouran.krysyuy.net/.

  12. halzeenen says:

    I really love this anime… each character is unique and lovable in different ways. Honey is really adorable but I think he is too small for haruhi… ? I really love the part where in Haruhi deliver an instant coffee to Tamaki… hilarious!

  13. Chasimonkey says:

    http://www.funimation.com/ouran/ this is where you can watch all the episodes for free and download them (pay for them first though)they have all sub and dub episodes here

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