Noein Episode 8


Brief summary: Karasu returns Haruka to her world, with his former comrades determined to finish him for his betrayal.

Yuu is having a hard time with his mum. He’s finally trying to break free from her super control freak ways. He is determined never to return home. Can’t blame the kid. We get a hint why Yuu’s mum – Miyuki – is like this. Apparently it has something to do with her sister. And mother.

Sure, but I still don’t like her.

Thoughts: Poor Yuu, he doesn’t get to be a hero when Haruka returns to the world with Karasu. The damsel in distress prefers to be with Karasu, poor guy.Then when he returns home, Crazy!Mum who wants Yuu to have no life but study 1500% catches him sneaking in.

Yuu insists that he can decide his own future, but she insists that it’s impossible – throwing Karasu’s earlier words to him back to his face.Seriously, Crazy!Mum needsa big ass spanking. Who the heck does she think she is, running Yuu’s life like that?

I’m glad that Yuu has now got a backbone and is running away from control freak mom. I don’t understand why Crazy!Mum is the way she is because of some sister. Ah, but I heard we’ll find out next episode.

And my question about how people like Karasu and Fukurou get their powers is explained when crazy Atori mentions that their cells have been changed to a quantum level. Hokay.

And boy … did Yuu laugh?? Smile?? Actually have fun? What happened to angsty Yuu? Not that I miss him. AT ALL. That’s a relief.

A “gentler” quieter episode, a nice break from the harsh world of La’cryma. But we all know that means all hell is going to break loose in the next episode.


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