Noein Episode 7


Brief summary: Haruka’s friends search desperately for her on present day Earth. In the alternate world of La’cryma, Haruka discovers that 15 years from her time, the world will come to an end when some catastrophic thing happens. She is also shocked to meet the future version of her best friend Ai. Karasu, meanwhile, is deemed a traitor and is locked up and tortured because he tried to “save” Haruka. When Shangri-La attacks, Future Ai decides to harness Haruka’s dragon torque power by drowning her. Locked up or not, Karasu definitely doesn’t want that to happen.

Thoughts: This is one amazing episode. I have to say that Shangri-La’s Oroborus (big ass flying machine) is a thing of creepiness and beauty. The way it crawls around, how its face changes expression when it’s hit etc, is something I’ve never seen before.

Future Ai tried to explain that the past is not really the past and the future is not really the future but like Haruka, I’m damned confused. I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the anime without wrapping my brains around quantum physics.

The battle between Fukurou (Fujiyama’s future version) and the Oroborus is cool, but I just don’t understand how he can be that powerful. I think it is hinted that they’re infused with something called Layze, but they never really do explain the mechanics of it.

A nice episode, a little tragic when I realise the future selves of the formerly care-free children are so … screwed up. But that’s what makes this anime gripping, eh?


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