My Spring 2006 anime list

With my limited bandwidth, and with Streamyx being as sucky as it is, I have to severely limit my choices. Sigh! Here's what I'll definitely watch:

Supernatural, psychological, mystery horror show! I'm in! It helps massively that the hero is cute and has a tortured past. πŸ˜‰ So basically this guy's parents were ripped to shreds by some supernatural bad dude and he joins The Special Mobile Investigation Force to avenge his parents' deaths. It's only at 13 episodes, but hopefully it is a fulfilling 13 episodes.

juoh.jpgJu Oh Sei
Looks very interesting. However, I don't see any fansubbers picking it yet. (Please do, sob!) There's this planet called Chimera where criminals reside. A pair of twins raised in a privilieged background is sent there thanks to a nefarious plot against their father. They have to be "beasts" to survive. It looks very interesting. Wish someone would pick it though.
I'm still watching Fate/Stay Night and Blood+, so my list of downloads is quite packed!

Vaguely curious about:

I'm going to have such a fun time remembering this title. A amnesiac man awakens in a strange land wearing a mask that he can't remove from his face. He tries to discover who he is and how he ended up this way. Yeah, I seem to have a thing for men with tortured pasts. The only downside is the loli-looking girls. I really hate loli.

ouran.jpgOuran Host Club
The manga is apparently very popular. It's what one anime blogger I read call "reverse harem" anime. Imagine – six super rich guys in an elite private school have a club where they act as social escorts to the rich gals. So, one hapless nerd knocks over a priceless vase and the six make him work it off at their club. The said nerd, however, is a gal.

ray.jpgRay the Animation
If memory serves me right, it's about a girl who can cure people through rays emitted from her eyes. Saw the manga, wonder whether it's any good. Will probably try it out anyway.

Only because it's so popular I just have to see what the fuss is all about. Since it's by CLAMP I suppose it will be good. But I don't really like the art much.

Black Lagoon
Internation spy is captured, betrayed by the company he works for. Very little info about it right now, though it seems that it will be fansubbed.

You can find the complete list of spring 2006 anime at Spring 2006 – test wiki.


5 Responses to My Spring 2006 anime list

  1. animefreak11 says:

    omg!!! ouran high school host club is the best ever!! too bad it only ends up to 26 eps.. 😦 but, i know other animes lyk inuyasha, bleach (luv it soo much 2!!), and other stuff similar to dat πŸ˜› if any1 knows anyother animes, pls tell me!! im runnin out of animes to watch… 😦

  2. bob says:

    DZfjcb hi great site thx

  3. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

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