Kyou Kara Maou – first thoughts

KyoukaramaouWow, I really can't stop writing in this blog! 😀 This is so fun. It's so nice to write without worrying about what people think of you etc. 😛

I didn't think I'd like this show. I mean, it's shonen-ai after all. Hey, hey, before you attack me and say I'm a homophobe, let me just say that I have nothing against gays. Shonen-ai is just not my thing. I don't understand why most girls go for it – I'm a girl, and I sure don't go for it. I guess it's some kind of trend that I'll never get.

Anyway, Kyou Kara Maou is about Yuri, who accidently gets transported to a fantasy world via a toilet. I know. It's silly. So, in this world, there's the Mazorku or the Demon race, and humans. They don't like each other. Okay, they hate each other and most of the time they want to keeel each other.

Because Yuri has black hair and eyes, he's instantly regarded as royal blood (wah, I also want to be in that world. I'll be considered a princess). It turns out that he's the ruler of this world, the Maou.

There are tons of bishonen to aid Yuri. Gunter – the purple-haired advisor who gets a nosebleed when he thinks naughty thoughts of His Majesty, Conrad, righteous and honourable to a fault, Gwendal, a fierce and stern guy and Wolfram, a hot-headed young guy who's very er, pretty. Conrad, Gwendal and Wolfram are sons of the last Maou (different fathers though), a globe-trotting she-devil-flirt who tries to seduce the poor boy the first chance she got.

The appeal of Kyou Kara Maoh is its silliness and comedy. The animation is not very good unfortunately, but luckily it doesn't get in the way of how cute these guys look. hehe. Later on, the series gets adarker tone, there's even limbs chopped off at one point! Even if you don't like shonen-ai, I think you should give it a try. The shonen-aish elements are mild,and it's more like poking fun at the genre than anything else.


3 Responses to Kyou Kara Maou – first thoughts

  1. Anyalin says:

    ….can you tell me where did you watch Kyou Kara Kaou?…onegai!!!=)…..I can’t find it……..I’d like to watch it in original with english subtitules, but i found it only with spanish subtitules…..thank you….=PP

  2. Lochna says:

    I love KKM (kyou Kara…) as well. It’s absolutely hilarious with Yuuri trying to be a good king… and running away from his fiance at the same time. The actual plot develops later on in season one and culminates in season 2. If you want to watch it… I guess u can on youtube… prob is its each ep is separated into three parts….

  3. disneytt says:

    the studio did better for this anime,compared to Star ocean ex.will visit again ,bye

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