Fansubbing, the Malaysian perspective

Well, what better way to start this blog than to write about how I usually get my anime. 😉 So, this blog has an interesting discussion about fansubs. It's based mostly on an American perspective.
What's my stand on fansubbing? I rely on it. For the Malaysian fan, this is probably one of the only way to get recent anime. It's also probably one of the most reliable ways to get decent quality anime!

Here's out situation:

1. I envy the Americans – they have channels like Adult Swim. We don't have that. We have Channel 15 on Astro which shows anime on such a small screen – it's actually some kind of 'interactive channel' – that you don't enjoy what you watch. (Not with a million mindless smses scrolling at the side of the screen to distract you! There's ANIMAX but for some odd reason we don't have it here. Almost every South East Asian country has it except us. Why?? I wonder if it's this prudish misconception some Malaysians have that equates anime with prOn.

2. Americans have legal DVD anime. We don't have that. In fact, I'd say 99% of our anime are pirated. Rather than feed the pirates – whose money is allegedly used to fuel gang activities – I'd rather download the fansubs. At least I'm not profiting anyone. I think.
3. Usually these pirated anime have atrocious subtitles. Fansubs have much better subtitles.

Which is why I greeted the latest news of Bleach being licensed by VIZ with dismay. I think almost all Malaysian fans had the same reaction. There will be no way we can watch Bleach if the fansubbers stop their work. The only way for most of us is to import the DVD from the US (damn expensive!!) or for us to rely on Hong Kong pirated DVDs. So, it's bleak.

It's probably unethical to say that I'm glad that some fansub groups are going to continue fansubbing Bleach. I'm just glad to be able to enjoy Bleachwith understandable subtitles. 😉


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